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Aug 31, 2008 03:07 AM

Buffalo Butter

What's so special about buffalo butter? I saw it in WF and since I love Buffalo mozzerella so much, I decided to grab some. What should I do with it?

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  1. Maybe I should just experiment with it. I can't find much info on this in English. I'm not really a fan of butter anyway. I'm more of an oil guy.

    1. buffalo butter has some of the flavor nuances of buffalo milk [as opposed to milk from other animals]. since you like the mozzarella, you'll probably like the butter as well. it's typically white, not yellow like traditional cow's milk butter, and actually has a slightly higher fat - and lower water - content.

      use it as a condiment [i.e. on bread/toast, lightly steamed corn or other veggies, etc], don't waste it in cooking where you won't be able to appreciate the flavor.

      1. Two things you almost certainly know, but just in case:

        1. Buffalo Butter comes from Asian Water Buffalo, not from the American Bison.

        2. Buffalo Butter is also the brand name for a liquid that restores dry leather. This is not what you want... unless you own a motorcycle jacket that is starting to crack with age.

        1. I purchased the buffalo butter at WF. It was, as GHG mentioned more white and did have a slight nuanced flavor. I didn't taste exactly like normal butter, less sweet IMO. It has a stronger "milky" taste, but not exactly like cow's milk.

          If you have tasted the difference between cow's milk mozzarella and milk buffalo milk mozzarella, it's sort of the same difference.

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            I used to get buffalo milk mozzarella in Naples years and years ago and it was amazingly good. Some years later I had buffalo milk milkshakes in Kathmandu. As I recall, there the milk had a slightly smoky flavor, somewhat like yak butter. But I might be wrong, this was many years ago.

          2. It's useful in cooking because it doesn't have lactose. My brother just made a load of chocolate chip cookies using buffalo butter and they tasted really great - much better than if he were to have used margarine or oil as we normally do.