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Aug 30, 2008 11:52 PM

Visiting for Steeler game Oct 25-27th

We want to eat all the hot local spots. Permanti's (sp?) Please give us a list of what you think. We need brkfast, lunch and dinner. Casual is best. thanks! We are staying at a hotel at the airport. Thanks Chowhounders!

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  1. If you really want to do the Primanti's thing, be sure to go to the original one in the Strip. It's not what most would consider a "hot spot" but it's probably the #1 food tourist destination here as every sportscaster talks about it.

    Many here would recommend Pamela's in the Strip for breakfast. Given your interest in Primanti's, it's hard to tell whether you're looking for the best food, the best hangouts or the "Pittsburgh" flavor, so further suggestions await clarification on the OP.

    1. Definitely check out Fatheads on East Carson. Good beer selection, decent food, and and a great atmosphere. Pamela's is a good choice for breakfast and the Strip is an awesome foodie type place to stroll around. There was just an article on today about the strip.

      1. I would say check out Primanti's. I'm personally a fan of their sandwiches as are most born in Pittsburgh people I know. It may not be your thing, but worth checking out, it's sorta like our Philly Cheesteak. I'd also say Pamela's is a good choice for breakfast, have the pancakes, their crepe like, very buttery, and very good, also order the potatoes. On Sunday Lidia's in the Strip has a really good brunch.

        1. Pamela’s is a good breakfast pick but I highly recommend De Luca’s Restaurant (also in the Strip District). They have amazing pancakes (oh the heaviness!) and very good waffles and French Toast. (If omelets are more to your liking, you can’t go wrong with any choice.) The restaurant serves Fortune’s Coffee (located directly next door to them...convenient - I rarely make the trip without bringing back some beans!!!). If you’re looking for atmosphere, this isn’t the place. If you want excellent breakfast fare -GO!!!

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          1. re: NoHun

            I've been to De Luca's once and thought it was just average everyday diner food . . .

            1. re: Rick

              And Pamela's isn't?

              Pamela's may score points on décor, but DeLuca's is old school Pittsburgh through and through — and their mixed vegetable grill covered with a plank (I chose that word very deliberately) of sweet Labriola sausage is a thing of beauty.

              1. re: hassenpfeffer

                No hassenpfeffer, I don't think Pamela's is run of the mill average diner food. Their crepe type pancakes are unlike any other I've had, their lyonnaise potatoes are the best I've had. The omelet and pancakes we had at DeLuca's could have been had anywhere.

                1. re: hassenpfeffer

                  Well bgpapa54,

                  It’s pretty obvious we Pittsburghers have strong opinions when it comes to our breakfast foods. I will again say, Pamela’s has good pancakes. The crepe type pancakes aren’t offered at ALL of the Pamela’s locations. (Maybe the Strip is one of them.) Pancakes are the only thing (on Pamela's breakfast menu) worth eating.

                  De Luca’s offers a huge variety of pancakes (my favorite happens to be the pumpkin) and you can mix and match – so if you can’t decide between blueberry, chocolate chip or good old buttermilk, you won’t be forced to choose. The French toast (made from Cinnamon Raisin Bread (and piled with fresh blueberries as an option) is also really great. De Luca’s is also known for their “Mixed Grill” which is sausage or ham sizzled with a huge heap of peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and zucchini, crowned with a couple of eggs (the eggs are optional) and sided by hunky home fried potatoes and a couple of slabs of toast. You can try the cinnamon raisin (highly recommended by this chowhound) but there are several other choices.

                  I really hope you’ll take a leap of faith and make a stop at De Luca’s. It's a true Pittsburgh landmark (complete with "yinzers" and "Stiller" talking wait-staff). You’ll be sorry ONLY if you don’t go!!!

                  1. re: NoHun

                    NoHun, which location are the pancakes not offered at? I've been to 4 or 5 locations and they've all had them.

                    1. re: Rick

                      Hi Rick,

                      The Shadyside and Squirrel Hill locations serve the crepe-type pancakes.
                      The University of Pittsburgh location didn’t serve this particular type. (My visit was close to 3 years ago so maybe they’ve changed the menu.) As I wrote in my earlier post, I’m uncertain about the Strip District location.

                      When I’m in the Strip and crave pancakes, I go to De Luca’s. I do agree with you in re to the lyonnaise potatoes. They are very good.
                      I tend to like them more on extra crispy side – sometimes my request is granted and sometimes not – but that’s personal preference .

                      1. re: NoHun

                        The strip does have the crepe style, I think the Pitt location and the new one on W. Liberty Ave. are the only two locations I haven't been to.

              2. re: NoHun

                Agreed. Pamela's over DeLuca's for sure.

              3. Since you’ll be in the Strip District, another fun stop is Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor.
                It’s an authentic soda fountain / drug store from the 1920’s.

                Klavon’s is complete with the original marble soda fountain, coca-cola bottle cap fountain stools, mahogany woodwork and many of the original brass fixtures.

                I believe they sell Reinhold’s ice cream. My last visit was with my parents. (My father happens to be a pharmacist and loved the place.) I’m including the history and menu link.