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Aug 30, 2008 09:25 PM

An Afternoon in Flushing: Corner 28, Zhu Ji Guo Tie, Perfect Team Corporation, Flushing Mall

Stop 1: Corner 28. 40-28 Main Street. Duck steamed buns for my fiance. Shrimp rice noodle rolls for me. The shrimp were on the small side, but the noodles were very thin and fresh. However, the way the scrape the cheung fun out of the tray isn't the best looking. I liked the addition of scallions, too. And the portion was on the large side, or at least seemed that way. Not bad for $2.25 but I like the version you get in sit down restaurants better. They also had you tiao, what looked like egg rolls, as well as fried sesame balls (jien duy).

On the way down Main Street we spotted a few tables in front of 40-46 Main Street serving a variety of buns for $1 as well as meat on a stick (possibly fish balls). The biscuits looked tasty but we continued onwards, towards AA Plaza.

At AA Plaza, things looked as good as ever, and they were selling 4 steamed buns for $1.25, and had a line of purchasers, and scallion pancakes were also available. We were very close to grabbing a scallion pancake (one for $1, they were cooking and fresh off the grill, delicious-looking) but decided to hold off for now, and go get potstickers first.

Stop 2: Zhu Ji Guo Tie aka the dumpling stall across from Starbucks (mmm, pot stickers). Finally, this anonymous dumpling stand has a confirmed English name. We rounded the corner and ordered, for the princely sum of $1.25, 4 fried dumplings. Wonderful and steaming hot. These were fantastic (sorry, Mom, but yours aren't my favorite any more). The prices appeared to have gone up recently, as there were big pieces of orange paper on the menu board that coincidentally matched the bright orange WELCOME sign. And the NYT article was taped onto the same board.

Stop 3: Perfect Team Corporation! My write-up, here:

Stop 4: Groaning a little after our dim sum feast, we set off in search of sweets. Given the sun and humidity, a trip to quickly and a bakery was quickly changed to a visit to the Flushing Mall food court where bathrooms, seating, and air conditioning could be had.

The Chinese-Korean dumpling stall looked great and with a very friendly staff who enticed us to get some kimchee dumplings. They also had the NYT map prominently displayed. We thought about coming back later, as we wandered around the ground level, before finally realizing that the food court was on the lower level! Whoops. (Strangely, too, much of the ground level looked closed, so it was like we were wandering around a mall apocalypse with boxes everywhere, gates closed, and a weird giant mouse statue.)

At the food court level, we were amazed at the offerings. It was like being back in Taipei again, for me. The Lanzhou hand drawn noodles were set off catacorner from the actual food court, BTW. The food court itself had a Sichuan stall, a shaved ice/fruit juice/boba tea stall, multiple Ay-Chung menus, and more. I walked around with my camera, trying my best to capture what was there, so that I could figure out what to revisit at a later date (Scallion sesame pancake? Stinky tofu? Pork chop over rice? Yes, yes, yes!). If only I could have an external stomach, like an external hard drive!

I grabbed some coffee milk tea with pearls at S&C shaved ice, which was great, strong, and helped with my food coma. Tons of people were getting shaved ice and the mango shaved ice special that the people next to us got looked fabulous: mango ice cream, mango fruit, mango syrup, ice. We sat, resting, cooling off, and digesting, and chatting with the folks next to us, especially when they brought over some stinky tofu. Anyway, my coffee milk tea was excellent, with smaller boba than I'm used to, but they were nicely chewy, and I woke up a little on the walk back to the 7 train, but soon collapsed once I was sitting down.

Flushing, I love you, but I need another stomach!

Photographs here:

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  1. This is very painful to read because I am currently in Tulsa! Hey you should check out Golden Mall at 41-28 Main if you haven't already. (I'm sure you have!) Also note that upstairs at Corner 28 is a very very good restaurant on a par with Jade Asian and all the reat.

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    1. re: Brian S

      Actually, this trip was supposed to be just about dim sum but we obviously got sidetracked as we got off the 7 train and I spotted Corner 28! It's so difficult to do dim sum AND one of the malls AND some Sichuan food AND the wonderful other restaurants/street food in Flushing without exploding!

      Last time I ended up hitting up Corner 28 (duck buns), Best Northern Dumpling Stall, Perfect Team, some other lamb noodle stall in the Golden Mall when we couldn't find Qin's stall, and Spicy & Tasty.

      I am definitely interested in the Golden Shopping Mall! Last time I was there was several months ago, and we wandered around for ages looking for the lamb noodle soup place, having not taken extensive enough notes. Now that the secret is completely out (Chengdu Heaven, Xian Famous Eats, with photos and everything), I decided to leave that mall for another day and explore Flushing Mall instead, on a tip from my Taiwanese aunt (and also prodded by Gary Soup's thread asking for recent reports).

      Thanks for the tips!

      1. re: kathryn

        And thank YOU for being a pioneer. I've never eaten at the Flushing Mall. (You have to walk past Ocean Jewels to get to it, and that I cannot do.) I think the original lamb noodle soup place at Golden Mall has moved to 136-31 41 Ave.

        I envy you. See what I have to eat now:

        1. re: Brian S

          I think Flushing Mall might be a little bit less intimidating for non-Chinese speakers due to its more conventional set-up and hence potentially a better place to start a Flushing mall food tour.

    2. whats AA Plaza? the place just underneath the LIRR tracks? and I remember the last time I was in Taiwan (maybe 2 years ago) the mango ice was so popular; extremely ripe mango over "snow" ice; really amazing and I think, a popular trend.

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      1. re: bigjeff

        > whats AA Plaza? the place just underneath the LIRR tracks?

        I think so, yes. The permit (visible from the sidewalk) says Flushing Snack Shop.

        Flushing Snack Shop
        40-40 Main St, Queens, NY 11354

      2. saw a photo in your flickr; so is there a $2 special at perfect team on certain days/times?

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          1. re: kathryn

            this book has been mention on chowhound before. pretty good starter for the price:


            definitley rocks in flushing's food stalls with no english translations. comes in handy on 8th ave, too.

          2. re: bigjeff

            That's right bigjeff - the sign says special tea-time dim sum price of $2.00 for large, medium and small plates. You'll have to ask them what their tea-time hours are - could be from 8-11 or 8-3 but it does not say "all day."