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Aug 30, 2008 09:07 PM

Finally got to Flo's Hot Dogs!

Tried many times to get to Flo's on time (11 - 3) and finally made it over the Labor Day Weekend. What a great experience! It's all in the special sauce..... Never thought I'd like mayo on a dog, but it works just great! Three dogs, special sauce, mayo and onions; thought I'd died and gone to hot dog heaven! Took the dogs, and an A & W Cream Soda up to the top of the mountain (starts with A) with a friend and it was such a treat! Whenever in York or Ogunquit, it's a must!

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    1. re: harry_sparrow

      Yes, that's it - pretty spot with some great views!

    2. I had a Flo's dog about 6 months ago, it was great. I bought a jar of the sauce to bring home as well. Going to have some tonight. Yum.

      1. Nice will-power, Red....I would have torn into that bag of dogs way before Mount Agamenticus!

        1. There is a Flo's in Sanford maine as well, but i prefer the original one on Route 1 on the way to Ogunquit