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Aug 30, 2008 07:14 PM

GTA Best croissant..(it's in Mississauga!)

I think I've found it!
I've been searching for the best croissant and I finally decided it's at Le Delice on Lorne Park in Mississauga (Port Credit).
I've compared it to many places and today, finally had a taste off with friends on the finalists..Le Delice, Whole Foods, Le Celestin and Jules...
all 4 chose Le Delice!
the only problem is that lately they keep running out by the time I get there!
not sure of hours, but I know they are closed Sun/Mon.

Le Delice Pastry Shop
1150 Lorne Park Rd, Mississauga, ON L5H, CA

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  1. OK, burl, I'm a sucker for overstatement and promise to try. What else is on offer there?

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      I have to admit the only other thing I've tried there was a chocolate croissant (I already knew it would be delicious) and a strawberry/cheese danish (this was perfect..real strawberries-not a jellied smear, sitting in perfect pastry. And they have AMAZING little cookies...white chocolate/macadamian, and various chocolate chip kinds..the type of homemade cookie that looks wet it's so moist!
      anyway, they also offer alot of cakes, treats, etc..their quiches/pot pies look good too..I should give them a try!
      Also, I haven't tried their other breads...

    2. OMG!!! Pardon my saying but this post has left me furious!!! I drove to Le Delice because of this post and what do I find ???? ABSOLUTE CRAP! No other word for it. What other places have you compared them to, a vending machine at a bus stop? No crust, no flavour, no texture no better than the cheapest grocery store croissant. Mine sat in the back seat of my car missing a bite all day long. and guess what I found later in the day in the back seat? I brown paper bag with a postage stamp size butter mark on, that should have been the size of France! I will stick to Patachou or Thuet if you can get them. Oh how I dream of the days next to the oven at le pas partout at 6am. But please these croissant are not worth mentioning favorably. We need to look harder for a good croissant in Mississauga.

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      1. re: urbanegastrojedi

        keep in mind she wrote this over a year ago..

        i like her posts usually so more than likely the place has gone downhill

        1. re: duckdown

          The best croissants in mississauga, i found are in a small italian bakery shop at eglinton and heritage hills pkway, in the plaza, its called lazio. They have really good croissant and walnut pound cake.

          1. re: chillihigh

            Ugh, Lazio. Provided they're fresh--which they often aren't--and that puts Lazio in the same league as Loblaws. The pound cake, like most of their baked goods beyond bread, isn't much to write home about, either. The pastries and cakes are all out-sourced. Lived in that 'hood for years and still see the trucks bringing in the fancier merch when I stop by for bread and cold cuts.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              With all due respect to the original poster, I did a Croissant and Pain au Chocolat taste test a few years ago with a friend and Thuet was the hands down winner... I know it is a matter of personal preference but unless Thuet or even Rahier, Pain Perdu or Patachou are on the list of tastings how can it really be a true best Croissant in the GTA taste test?

              How is Whole Foods a contender for best croissant in the GTA?

              The only thing about Thuet is if you want to be guaranteed what you want - call ahead and order it in advance so you won't be disappointed when you get there - like all the best high quality bakers - they only bake enough for the day, and when they are sold out - that is it for the day.

              Petite Thuet - King
              1 King Street West


              Petite Thuet - Summerhill
              1162 Yonge Street


              Atelier Thuet
              171 East Liberty Village
              Unit 153-155

          2. re: duckdown

            Oh I see! My bad I should have checked :S

        2. Saint Honore, 2945 Bloor St West Toronto
          awesome croissants, get em early, get em fresh.
          my fav is the one with cheese and black forest ham.

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          1. re: boy1dr

            The baker at Saint Honore makes some tasty, *buttery* croissants, though they are more doughy than flaky distinct layers). Just don't ask them to heat the croissant up for you; they'll just throw it into the microwave.

            My favourite in the city is Thuet.

            1. re: pinkprimp

              have you picked up a frozen batch to bake at home? they are still on the doughier side but then you can bake to preference and they can get flakier to a limit.

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                As a downtown dweller, it is quite difficult for me to get the frozen ones as he doesn't own a telephone (to place an order exactly 48 hrs in advance), and he isn't open certain days. To orchestrate borrowing a vehicle, ordering and picking up the croissants is much more difficult than just walking down the street to Petite Thuet :-p

                His frozen croissants are definitely on my to-do list though.

                1. re: pinkprimp

                  it doesn't require exactly 48 hours, just a minimum. if you give him a date for pick-up that's enough and he'll work with that.

                  sorry if that was misleading before.

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