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Aug 30, 2008 07:01 PM

Curry leaves in Seattle?

I'm fairly desperate to find fresh (or even frozen) curry leaves in the Seattle area. One produce guy told me that there's some kind of import embargo on them due to a fungus or something. I can't find any in the asian markets. help!

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  1. In south Snohomish Cty, I'd ask at JD's Produce at 44th and 200th in Lynnwood.

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    1. re: paulj

      I didn't see any leaves at JDs today, but I didn't ask either. JDs seems to have more of a northern India orientation, while the leaves seem to be used more in the south.

      I may have also seen the leaves at 99Ranch, though I may be confusing them with lime leaves.

    2. I found them at two places--HT Market (the old Larry's on Aurora/N. 100th) and at an Indian grocery store on NW 15th and about 176th. Sorry, don't know the name of it. Maybe someone else does.

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      1. re: zoogrrrl

        Is that the one in a short strip mall perpendicular to 15th, right before it drops down the hill? One of those stores that does as much business renting videos as selling groceries? I can place it, but not name it. Bat that is more like 15NE and 179th. But 15th NW is in Innes Arden overlooking the Sound - no shops there :)

        1. re: paulj

          Thanks for catching that paulj! I did mean to write NE, and it is the store in the small strip mall. This has been the only place that I have been able to buy all the ingredients I need to cook from the Vij cookbook. The recommendation came from one of the employees at the Aurora PCC.

      2. There are many Indian groceries on the Eastside that typically carry them. Try the grocery store connected with Mayuri's snack place in the same strip mall in Redmond that has the eastside branch of Malay Satay Hut

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        1. re: PAO

          You can get them fresh at Apna Bazaar, on 148th next door to Spice Route just across the Bellevue border.

        2. Hi, one way to get them would be to go on e-bay and order the curry tree (Murraya Koenigii, I think)
          I ordered one for $25, and will always have a fresh supply. They are very easy houseplants, all you need is a sunny spot.

          1. i saw them at uwajimaya just a few days ago......