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Aug 30, 2008 07:00 PM

Looking for Pretzel bread/rolls in Orlando

One of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten was called the Turkey O'Toole at Bennigans. This sandwich was served on an incredibly tasty soft pretzel bun. I would love to make this at home and have searched local grocery stores for pretzel rolls or buns with no luck. Does ANYONE know of any stores/bakeries in Orlando that would have pretzels buns or rolls?? I have seen loaves of pretzel bread at Super Target but I am looking specifically for the buns or rolls. Thanks!!

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  1. I always drive to Yalaha German Bakery for pretzel rolls. It's a ittle under one hour from Orlando and worth the drive!

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      Yalaha is EXACTLY what I thought too. They are just a few minutes from me, and it's fun to go on a Saturday when they have live music outside.
      You can order the stollen on their website (I was shocked that it rang up for $30 when I picked one up last Christmas but my stepfather LOVED it).
      Their pretzel rolls are perfect. They do all kinds of goodies but if you like something or the love of G-D find out the name of it so you can order it if they don't have it next time you go in. I had this thing with a buttery sugar cookie base that tasted like it was pressed together with Grandma hands-and there was a jelly filling and I so badly wanted to buy more but they didn't know what it was the next few times I went in. I get their multi grain bread- have them slice it and I'll wrap it tight and freeze it. We don't eat a lot of bread but their bread is really fresh and nice, and huge-the loaf lasts us about 6 months.
      On Saturdays they have the live music and usually cook their german brats on the grill outside. But I'm there for the sweets so I haven't tried the brats but I see people chowing HARD on them-the white ones look popular.

    2. Jazzy Dog Cafe (1311 Sligh Blvd. - Orlando) serves its signature hot dog on a pretzel roll. Not sure where they get them, but I bet they'd tell you.

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        I've had the brats and they're great too!

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