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Aug 30, 2008 06:12 PM

Good Food near Georgia Aquarium?

I'm going to be at the Georgia Aquarium in late September (celebrating a 7-year-old's birthday). Any good "kid-friendly", fun places to eat near the Aquarium? (Translation - no sushi or $40-a-plate lunches).

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  1. Totally understand if you want to get out, but the food at the aquarium is surprisingly really good. Probably not the best place for a celebration, but worth noting.

    1. There is a Ted's Montana Grill pretty near there -- our kids loved it.


        This is a link to Rosas pizza which is really good NY style pizza by the slice, but more importantly, Broad Street is walking distance from the Aquarium and has Rosas, Rubens Deli, and a small hand full of different restaurants with outside seating (ok, plastic lawn chairs and tables). Chinese, Vietnamese, and others... guaranteed to find something the kids will like.