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Aug 30, 2008 06:02 PM

best moussaka on the Danforth

I am looking for the best Moussaka (meat) on the Danforth.

Considering these places:



Pan on the Danforth

Avli (although will likely be going at lunch and it looks like only available at dinner)

any other suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you very much! Opa! :)

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    1. I've tried moussaka at Pantheon, Kalyvia, Pan, and one at the corner of Donlands and Danforth (the name escapes me now). The only one I didn't like was Pan's. Kalyvia and Pantheon were very good, and the one at Donlands was best, and , in my opinion, most authentic, two summers ago. No recent experience, however. Please report back on your experience. opa!

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      1. re: beabea

        Hey beabea,

        The one at Donlands.........was it Patris?

        And may I ask how you know it is most authentic? Thanks for your reply :)

        1. re: LikeTheWolf

          Hi Wolf,
          The cross street is actually Dewhurst, not Donlands, apologies...and I think "Patris" rings a is across the street from The Square Boy burger place.
          I once had a home made moussaka made by a friend's mom, and thought that the one from Patris tasted the closest to that. The meat was actually minced (as opposed to ground up). I'll be talking to her later today and ask her...she must know where the best of the best can be had, having lived in the area for years...will keep you posted.

          1. re: beabea


            Just checked, "Patris" is right at Dewhurst....that must be it! :)

            Yes, please keep me posted. Thanks so much.

            1. re: LikeTheWolf

              Hey Wolf,
              Got an update - not very useful, though. Apparently, one does not go out to have moussaka, you make it yourself. However, each of the two Greek nationals I spoke to suggested a place to go where "the food is pretty nice" - Greek Grill (formerly Mr. Greek?) and The Palace,
              near Pape subway...that's it, please do report on your findings.

              1. re: beabea

                Will do. Thanks again beabea. :)


      2. Le Select bakery on Donlands makes a decent frozen version to take home (thanks millygirl for the original rec). Every restaurant I've tried it at, it tends to be overly greasy and tastes like it's been sitting around for a while (and I get that this is a rich dish that is definitely not made to order).

        1. my fiance likes the mousakka at the one on the corner of Chester and Danfoth - Astoria.