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Aug 30, 2008 05:58 PM

Rome restaurants

heading to rome this coming friday for two nights followed by a week in capri and positano.
looking for restaurant recommendations for all three. nothing fancy (ie no jacket).

suggestions made include:

Taverna dei Gacchi
Tre Scalini

Villa Verde
Lemon Tree
Auroa Grill

Chez Black
San Pietro

thoughts? comments? other recommedations?

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  1. You'll find many better ideas for Rome by searching this board. I don't know the Capri ones. If in Positano you mean La Cambusa rather than Sambusa, it's fine.

    1. Trattoria Monti is excellent and reservations are essential, especially on the weekend. you should book tues, the first day they reopen after summer holiday
      Phone: 06-4466573
      Closed Sun dinner and Mon

      1. You MUST dine at Da Gelsomina In Anacapri (30 minute walk from Anacapri town and worth every step). Their ravioli melts in your mouth. After dining, short walk to the right end of the island for absolutely magnificent views.

        Fiammetta in Rome is fantastic & casual. Don't miss.