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What about the Bronx?

Our son is moving to the Bronx (Albert Einstein). When we visit, where should we go to eat? To food shop? To drink? He's a beer afficiando and loves Belgian beers.I'm looking for advice from great & cheap on up to special splurge. Or should we stay in Manhattan and have him visit us there?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. I'd really like to hear the responses to this. Aside from Arthur Avenue, you can be very hard pressed in some parts of that borough and I'm not well acquainted with the Bronx as a whole.

    1. Patricia's on Morris Park Ave is very good. They specialize in brick oven pizza and southern Italian dishes. I believe their beer menu is limited so I would call ahead. Incidentaally, didn't a Belgian company buy Budweiser. There you go, buy local and you now can have European, too.

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        I used to love Patricia's when I was a student at Einstein. The grilled squid appetizer and pastas, as well as the fantastic brick oven pizzas are the standouts there. Don't get the non-brick-oven pizza.

        Other than that, the pickings are a bit slim around there though. Ann Claire's is great for sandwiches, but it's not an eat-in place. Coals wasn't there when I was a student (I graduated in 1998). I wish those Vietnamese places had been there back in the day! I do seem to remember a few decent Caribbean places near the 2 train, but I don't remember the names.

      2. You're most probably not going to find a good selection of Belgian beer without hiking to Queens or Brooklyn (or worse, the city.) You can, however, find an excellent selection of Italian wines at Mount Carmel near Arthur Ave.

        1. Okay folks, let's be kind to the Bronx...right near Einstein is a fine southern Italian restaurant called Enzo's of Williamsbridge, corner of Neill (they have a sister restaurant on Arthur Ave.).
          Artie's on City Island offers more of a city vibe with creative fare to match...quite good! The bar here is well suited for networking.
          The Bronx is loaded with ethnic eating...search this board and you will find.
          If your son has car access, a drive to southern Westchester will open the food and dining gates further...Of course, as I enjoy doing with my daughter who lives in Manhattan, there's nothing wrong with occasional visits with food and dining in mind...

          1. If you like chain restaurants there is an unos located at parkchester it's a few blocks away from macy's

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              people have raved recently about a vietnamese restaurant on jerome avenue called world of taste seafood. here's a recent review of sietsema:


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                been researching bronx eats and the sietsema review came out just when we were headed up there. holy crap that place is great. 4 train to kingsbridge road and about 2 blocks south on jerome avenue (the trains above) to a corner location, looks none too fancy inside and out, but the food is damn good. our group got the seafood pho, hue-style special beef noodle soup, the duck and bamboo soup, and a roast pork spring roll bun. the bun looked amazing, the seafood pho seemed to disappoint, but the hue-style beef soup was great; a deeper spicier pho basically with large slices of dac biet, plenty of beef slices and white noodles which I can't really identify. the duck soup was killer, really generous meaty portions of duck leg over cellophane noodles, with a delightful ginger slurry that we had to ask for, but shouldn't be missed. plenty of condiments on the table, including fermented shrimp paste (the pink kind) and the sweet ladies behind the counter also gave me jalapeno slices and sa-cha. each of these were between $5 and $6 and really really good. the place was doing a brisk business with their takeout and we also got banh mi to go (unimpressive).

                but, the duck noodle soup is no joke and, I'd prob. get the bun next time i went; the roast pork looked devilishly rich and crunchy. really sweet people running the place.

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                  this is so amazing that there is vietnamese under the 4 of all places! i live in white plains, and was thinking i had to either go to chinatown or poughkeepsie for my pho and spring roll hankering. and now i don't...thanks for the review!

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                    just want to report: ate here again and, because the duck bamboo soup was so good, we simply got a bowl each; I customized mine with yellow noodles (the very skinny one) instead of the default rice noodle. good as ever, really wonderful with the ginger sauce; the bamboo flavor in the broth was really obvious this time, and I added only a smidge of hoisin to lift the flavor. duck just as satisfying, and we also ordered the bun w/ grilled pork and spring rolls (perfect). at the back table was a huge suckling pig which, as we later found out, was being served and chopped up for good luck, to celebrate the grand "re-opening" of World of Taste, but really, it is a re-modeling; new signage outside and I think, putting in some walls or partitions. In a month, this place should be beautiful. The owner of course was kind enough to give us a plateful of the roast pork and it was amazing. The folks who work there are really nice, very sweet; a family affair although the grandma was missing today.

                    We also picked up a "da bao" which I know from Chinatown, which is basically the big bun that has 4 kinds of meat inside; chinese sausage, roast pork, a hard-boiled egg, beef, bonded with ground meat; haven't eaten it yet but it should be delicious; comes steamed in the fluffy chinese bread bun instead of the dryish kind that the steamed roast pork buns usually come in. Yum! If anyone is a fan of vietnamese, get out of the chinatown crap and try this place. A block or two south of the Kingsbridge Road stop on the 4 train and well worth the trip.

                    Pho Saigon No. 1
                    2614 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY 10468

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                      Glad you dug WOT - I too love this place. While the decor is, shall we say, "spartan" (do they still have the swordfish up on the back wall), I love the feng shui of the open kitchen. The co-owners, a Vietnamese man and a West African woman named Mercy, are as gracious and friendly as can be, and they will chat up anyone and make recommendations about what's good.

                      I too enjoyed the duck soup, which has the most unadulterated duck flavor of anything I've tasted in NYC. My favorite dish here, however, remains the crab noodle soup, which, according to Mr. Ng, the co-owner, is made with real crab. On our virgin visit, this blew my wife and myself away, and was far and away the best noodle soup - not to be mistaken for Pho, mind you - we've had at other Vietnamese eateries here. It takes us the better part of an hour and change to get up there from Queens, but it's well worth it.

                      I also love the mix of people I've seen in there, which reflects the collection of ethnic groups and pure characters that make up the neighborhood. This place has a character that's hard to put into words.

                      For those who haven't been, there's also a southeast asian mini market directly across the street on Jerome.

                    2. re: bigjeff

                      Just wanted to note that they don't make everything on the menu every day. On Thursday I struck out on both the duck-bamboo soup and the crab noodle soup that Polecat writes about. (Both are more likely to be available on weekends, the owner said.)

                      I got over it, though. That Hue-style beef noodle soup was great, as you say.

                      BTW it seems the restaurant is now called Pho Mien Tay. That's what it says on the very new-looking awning. But the business card still says World of Taste, and there are even old newspaper clips from back when it was Phung Hung.

                      No worries, said the owner. He said the various incarnations are "all the same," and the kitchen crew hasn't changed.

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                        you mean, the duck-bamboo soup right? I've never had anything there aside from their pho and bun; they do have the rotating steamtable offerings but sometimes its packed with choices (close to a dozen) and sometimes, its totally empty.

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                          Whoops - yes, duck. I'll edit that.

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                          wonder if that hue-style soup is as rare as some reviews make it out to be; saw it on the menu at Tu Do (the new location of Pho Tu Do on bowery, across the st. from the old one), but did not order it. also seems to exist in some form at Baoguette?

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                            An apology is in serious order. I previously referred to the co-owner as being "Mr. Ng." I just checked the Porkchop Express entry that, quite literally, prompted us to get in the car and haul butt from Queens two summers ago - his name is actually David Nguyen.

                            Anyhow, the Hue-style beef noodle soup looks inviting enough to make another trip.

                            Here's J Slab's excellent review with pics, from when the place was called Phung Hung Market. A day or two later, I posted on C-hound.


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                              i recognize the grandma! but I don't recognize the young man or the young woman (david and cindy?) so, you may not need to apologize at all.

                              1. re: bigjeff

                                The grandmother is David's mom, or so I thought. Apart from Mercy, the co-owner, whom I believe is from Liberia, it's completely a family affair. But then - hard to believe - it's been almost a year since I made my last visit. There's been another name change, so who's to say ownership hasn't shifted? I'll just have to make another visit, that's all.

                                1. re: Polecat

                                  yup, you'll just *have* to. tough, real tough. :)

                            2. re: squid kun

                              Well, now it is Pho Vung Tau. I asked if it's the same as World of Taste and the manager said, "No, different owner, and taste better I think". The duck soup is not on the menu anymore.
                              I've never been to the original World of Taste so I can't compare. I had the basic pho dac biet ("special big bowl") and the bun tom nuong ("grilled shrimped with rice vemicelli"). They also have some special drinks like salty plum or dried longan in syrup.
                              I enjoyed my meal, especially the bun, and would go there often if it was in my area but for me this is not a destination place and is not worth the trek from Manhattan. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of Vietnamese cuisine to begin with.

                            3. re: bigjeff

                              Went this afternoon from Astoria after reading this. The duck soup was EXCELLENT as was the roast pork sandwich. Will go back for the crab soon.

                            4. re: Wet Towel

                              location here.

                              Pho Saigon No. 1
                              2614 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY 10468

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                                I'd have to try that place. My bf goes to Albert Einstein and I'm there constantly. I do have to say, Bronx is rather disappointing in terms of sit down eats but surprisingly ok food delivery. AECom on its website have the menu and numbers links of the restaurants in the area. I recommend Tlaxcali, mexican joint near Parkchester that will deliver to AECom. Thai place called Honey's Pavilion is decent, not the best thai food. Kiraku is pretty good for your generic take out sushi although you can have the real deal in many of the Japanese owned and ran places in Manhattan. TBH, if you have a car, there are a plethora of places very accessible in Queens and Manhattan to eat on the weekends that you will never be bored.

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                                  A friend and I got pho there last week. It was delicious! The prices were also great but remember it closes early- 6 or 7. Definately worth a trip!

                              2. I live and work in the area, so here is my 2cents. Patricia's is good, a nice supermarket a little further down MOrris Park (Big Deal), nice deli's along the way(Ann Clairs). As for good beer, head down towards Throgg's Neck, a big beer distributor Skibbo's has everything. Some restaurants down that way as well, Irish Pubs (Paddy Dougherty's The Fiddlers Elbow), Italian Family Style (Patricia's II-much nicer to sit in than Morris Park, Spoto's), Spanish sit down and take out(Latin Kitchen). There is a lot of good Spanish food all over the borough( El Bohio), Jamaican as well(Vernons). Bars you might like to try; Coals, head over to Katonah Avenue, Irish section, lots of bars w/all kinds of European Beers on tap. (Some say the best Guinness anywhere - Rambling House) Plus at AECom you are close to Arthur Avenue. Be adventurous, and not too serious, not a lot of "fancy places", but most places are good and welcome to the neighborhood.

                                1. Caribbean Cravings on Williamsbridge Rd *surprisingly* has a VERY good beef patty. Lightly spiced, but very generous in size. I just wished they were warmer. Their jerk chicken, cabbage, rice and peas weren't memorable, but the patties wowed me two out of the three visits I've made there. And get this, only $1.50 each. Caribbean Cravings Inc, 1444 Williamsbridge Rd. , Bronx NY.

                                  Frankie and Johnnies will likely reopen soon when they're done remodeling and you can look forward to a good sit-down meal there. In the meantime, go to Tosca in Throggs Neck. You'll like the food and the vibe there.

                                  I can't comment on the Latin eateries in the neighborhood because it's not really food I seek out all that often. When I get a craving, I usually head over to Castle Hill Avenue. Nearby to Castle Hill is an area that is quickly becoming a "Little Bangladesh" and it opens up new possibilites for me while I'm there too.

                                  Some Bronx eats info --> http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/426419

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                                    great! would love to find more of the caribbean stuff. I went for a run up willis/3rd ave. basically and started to see some interesting things between east 140s and 170s. please do keep the tips coming!

                                    1. re: bigjeff

                                      Vietnamese in the bronx?! Wow....I've got to try this place!!!!! THANKS! I'm saving this thread to my favorites!

                                      As for other suggestions in the bronx bigjeff, there is a jamaican spot on the west side of 3rd avenue (I want to say 152nd street) across from conway's - i have to say that the food at this takeout joint ain't too shabby! I ended up wanted to lick the takeout container. Granted the place is SUPER tiny but the owners are such sweet people and food is very good and much needed in the area. I'm so sick of seeing all this fast food.

                                      There's another place on 3rd Avenue and brook avenue (in between the police precinct and the old bronx boro courthouse), it's called Coqui Mexicano, they're still trying to get on their feet but the food is very good. Fresh tacos, tortas, cuban sandwiches. FRESH desserts which you can find nowhere in the vicinity, my favorite is the guava cheecake and the pina colada pie. It has a homey feel to it like the roadside places in Puerto Rico. Give these places a shot and let me know what you think.

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                                        For better Caribbean food I really recommend going up to white plains road and boston road. It is a pain trust me I know especially on that slow 2 train but I still go once a week for a seafood sou that is just perfect at Gold Star. I have been doing it faithfully for years and just tell myself to combine it with a manicure to make it worthwhile to travel for a 6 dollar soup.

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                                          BEST Jamaican in the Bronx is uptown in Williamsbridge & Wakefield. Gold Star (219th st. & White Plains Rd. 2 train to 219th) has the best melt-in-your-mouth Jerk Chicken spiced just right. A close second is Kemmie's on Gun Hill Rd. at Bronxwood Ave (2 train to Gun Hill Rd.); across the street from Evander Child's school.

                                        2. re: Cheese Boy

                                          If you find yourself in Throggs Neck, you can check out Wicked Wolf on tremont ave as something is always going on there on the weekends.

                                          For takeout I would go with Kims Chinese and Sushi - they have a large selection of sushi and the chinese is really good. They have great prices as well.

                                          wicked wolf: http://www.wickedwolfny.com
                                          Kims : http://www.kims-sushi.com

                                        3. also, wandasue, there is a place called roberto's in the arthur avenue section that has really great italian food (northern italian if i'm correct, do a search on it), not your typical red sauce southern fare. i haven't been in a few years, but i bet it's still fantastic! some say to go w/ the specials, and they have a decent wine list. for the type of food roberto cooks, this is a true bargain compared to what you'd pay in the city!

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                                            I AGREE with you totally Unocal! There are many good restaurants in LIttle Italy but Roberto's.....well....I just LOVE the atmosphere! The outside AND inside are very inviting and attractive. The downside.....which really isn't a downside....merely an honest observation.....is that Roberto's is sooooo popular that sometimes it can get quite full, especially when a tour bus rolls into Little Italy, which is usually on the weekends. So if you're looking for a quiet place I would suggest going for lunch or going on a weekday.

                                          2. Special treats:

                                            -the white pie at Louie & Ernie's Pizzeria in I forgot which neighborhood.
                                            -Tony & Tina's bureks (they're on Arthur Avenue just outside the central core on about E. 188th St.) - if they have pumpkin, go crazy.

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                                              Louie & Ernie's is on Crosby Ave as you drive towards Throggs Neck. Excellent pies, worth the trip.

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                                                Louie & Ernies is great. It's at Crosby & Waterbury in the Pelham Bay section.

                                              2. The very southern end of City Island for fun, cafeteria-style seafood, or Artie's as recommended above for a nice dinner. City Island is a great place to simply explore and get out of the city, and its charms go well beyond the food.

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                                                  Picked up lunch at World of Taste/Pho Mien Tay today -- they were not serving Pho, so ordered Bun Bo Hue. It would have been fabulous, but instead of sliced pate it was loaded with some pretty raggedy looking (and not exactly well-scrubbed) tripe, and a few slices of beef so gristly it was inedible. And I'm not someone who balks at rough cuts...

                                                  Just a heads-up. Meantime, the dishes over rice they were serving looked great.

                                                  1. re: daiquiri ice

                                                    nooooo. I planned on doing an early lunch there next week now I am sad.

                                                    1. re: kayEx

                                                      Their rice dishes are good. Ever since the old owner left, the food has been hit and miss (like the Pho). The old owner is opening a restaurant across the street.

                                                      I always get the chicken lemograss over rice..yam!

                                                2. F&J Pine Restaurant (Frankie & Johnies) on Bronxdale is wonderful. Italian food, now with a nice atmosphere also after the remodel and expansion.

                                                  Great food, large portions, good prices.

                                                  Bring cash, no credit cards.

                                                  1. Pasta Pasta, 2023 Williamsbridge Road
                                                    Brisas del Caribe, 1207 Castle Hill Ave. (recommended by my brother)

                                                    1. We just ate at Sabrosura, a Latino-Chino restaurant specializing in seafood. It's been twenty years since I've been there! The seating is a little tight but the food is plentiful, tasty and reasonably priced.
                                                      Sabrosura, 1200 Castle Hill Avenue

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                                                      1. re: mushimushi427

                                                        Sabrosura still rocks. It's a rough looking place, but the food is to die for.

                                                      2. Just to update on the vietnamese food, world of taste was a little strange when I went a while back, and I think it might have been some ownership issues as one of the ladies who used to help in the kitchen was the only one there and it seemed like she may have been running the place (perhaps temporary)? Also, it was closed last time I went by, but no fear. Right across the street is a new Vietnamese restaurant and it seems to be run by a good number of Vietnamese people (brought a Viet person there and he said he recognized their accent, though I can't remember what he said about it). I've only had their pork chop combo with rice platter and it was very good, they take care to baste/glaze the pork very well. The pho wasn't the greatest though, to be honest, but very solid for the Bronx. I think it's a great place and the decor is much better than across the street...

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                                                          World of Taste is no more. There is a different Vietnamese joint at the same place. See above, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5535...

                                                        2. I cant belive no one mentioned Mr. K's chinese on Williamsbridge or New Hawaii Sea also on Williamsbridge just from Westchester Square. Both quality chinese. Especially New Hawaii Sea. It's old school touches, flaming pupu platters, suited maitre' d and umbrella drinks in zombie glasses make it special and fun.

                                                          Hawaii Sea
                                                          1477 Williamsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY 10461