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Aug 30, 2008 05:44 PM

What about the Bronx?

Our son is moving to the Bronx (Albert Einstein). When we visit, where should we go to eat? To food shop? To drink? He's a beer afficiando and loves Belgian beers.I'm looking for advice from great & cheap on up to special splurge. Or should we stay in Manhattan and have him visit us there?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. I'd really like to hear the responses to this. Aside from Arthur Avenue, you can be very hard pressed in some parts of that borough and I'm not well acquainted with the Bronx as a whole.

    1. Patricia's on Morris Park Ave is very good. They specialize in brick oven pizza and southern Italian dishes. I believe their beer menu is limited so I would call ahead. Incidentaally, didn't a Belgian company buy Budweiser. There you go, buy local and you now can have European, too.

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        I used to love Patricia's when I was a student at Einstein. The grilled squid appetizer and pastas, as well as the fantastic brick oven pizzas are the standouts there. Don't get the non-brick-oven pizza.

        Other than that, the pickings are a bit slim around there though. Ann Claire's is great for sandwiches, but it's not an eat-in place. Coals wasn't there when I was a student (I graduated in 1998). I wish those Vietnamese places had been there back in the day! I do seem to remember a few decent Caribbean places near the 2 train, but I don't remember the names.

      2. You're most probably not going to find a good selection of Belgian beer without hiking to Queens or Brooklyn (or worse, the city.) You can, however, find an excellent selection of Italian wines at Mount Carmel near Arthur Ave.

        1. Okay folks, let's be kind to the Bronx...right near Einstein is a fine southern Italian restaurant called Enzo's of Williamsbridge, corner of Neill (they have a sister restaurant on Arthur Ave.).
          Artie's on City Island offers more of a city vibe with creative fare to match...quite good! The bar here is well suited for networking.
          The Bronx is loaded with ethnic this board and you will find.
          If your son has car access, a drive to southern Westchester will open the food and dining gates further...Of course, as I enjoy doing with my daughter who lives in Manhattan, there's nothing wrong with occasional visits with food and dining in mind...

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