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Aug 30, 2008 04:15 PM

Sebastopol/Area Recs

It seems as though the chowhound recs for the Sebastopol places to eat are older - several recs actually are no longer in business. What are currently the best places to eat for dinner in the area (20 minute drive radius)?


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  1. So now you are working your way north from Tiburon. This permalink starting with Maria Lorraine's comment seems to be pretty new with a comment on a place from early this month. Comments on the Union Hotel can go way back but it's still funky, family Italian and servicable. Search for the specific towns within the distance you want to drive. Great beautiful country roads but be careful.

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      Hi again Wolfe!

      Well, as much as we enjoy tasting wine, we figure why pass up another opportunity to eat well as well? We're headed to some chowhound winery recs near that area! :) Thanks for the link and the country road caution!

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        Our Sebastopol/Sonoma experience:

        Avoid ZAZU. Cute rustic decor, but overall lousy service and food during our recent experience. See Dream Foodie on a budget thread in SF/Napa/Sonoma for details.

        Have cake in Sebastopol! Order a princess cake from Village Bakery - one of the best cakes we've ever tasted!!!

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          1. I strongly suggest Restaurant Eloise. The BF and I had a great experience there a couple of months ago. It's delicious food with no pretense and great value. They have a garden out back where they grow a bunch of stuff for the restaurant but it's not a crunchy, granola scene, it's really good food! This link seems to be dated so maybe you have already come and gone but check it out on you next trip.

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              We drove right by there and commented how great it looked from the outside but never got to go! I'll certainly put that on the list for next time! THANKS!