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Aug 30, 2008 03:44 PM

Why are Tastykakes not available in Toronto?

I love Tastykakes. I have had them all my life,since I have relatives in Southern New Jersey. I have never been able to find Tastykakes-anywhere in Canada, not Toronto,not Montreal, not London, nor Kingston,nor Ottawa. I wish they were available here in Toronto. Even though I am a diabetic,I still love the sugar free varieties,or low cal. Vachon cakes simply do not compare. I had thought that they might have distribution in Canada, either in mid west,or Ontario / Quebec. There had at one time been info that Tastykakes might be distributed in Calgary,or Manitoba. Vachon cakes are terrible. The pies are (Tastykake) are fresh,filled with fresh fruit. The Peanut Butter Tandykakes, Butterscotch Crimpets, chocolate cupcakes a great treat. Even the sugar free Tastykakes are very good. By comparison,Joe Louis,Loon Moons,etc from Vachon are rubbish. No diner here compares with Ponzios in Cherry Hill New Jersey as far as I'm concerned. Four Seasons Studio Cafe is overpriced, food now is designer type. Why can't I find a good deli sandwich here? Shopsys is terrible,I gather they are on they're way out. Yitzes is ok, though I'm concerned with the listeria scare here. I wish we had the real Montreal bagels. Good places to eat dinner in Toronto: Marche, United Bakers, Yitzes, (on a good night,they are still very good) Toni Baloni is ok. For buffet: Mandarin is great. Mama's Pizza still is a great place for pizza. I'm very partial to Chez Piggy,Pan Chancho, wonder what became of Sebastians in London? Domus Cafe in Ottawa has always been very special to me. I also like Vittoria's Tratoria in Ottawa, (Byward Market) 20 King Street: Kitchener. And the Bistro Cafe In Guelph. Marc Bernstein

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  1. Welcome to Toronto where many good American products are not available, I suggest you get used to it;(

    1. Marc, rather than be trodden on by callitasicit's negative attitude, I suggest you follow this advice which has often worked for me in this benighted city and land of passive acceptance of deficiencies. That is - make friends with the grocery manager of an upscale store (Bruno's, Pusateri's and similar) and see if he will order an unavailable product for you - usually by the case, but if you are missing it badly, you will be happy to have a case ! If this doesn't work, sometimes you can order the product by mail. Another alternative is to make the easy drive to Buffalo and pick up large amounts of the product (the upscale grocery store managers there can certainly order any product for you, and sometimes it is worth contacting them in advance to make arrangements). This third alternative also avoids the hassles and expense of shipments passing through our archaically-arranged border ! Additionally, you will find that a smile and honesty in response to the Canadian Customs primary inspector will often - not always - lead him to wave you through without asking for payment of duties and taxes on non-commercial novelty items such as the cakes to which you allude.(I do this for corned beef hash, which I seldom find on shelves here.) Even if now and then you are asked to pay, it is trivial. These are all ways to overcome the bizarre situation whereby Canadians supposedly benefit from "free trade" but in fact find inferior selections and products in our grocery stores.

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        I object to your comments Bigtigger. I was just stating the fact that there are so many fine products that are not available to consumers in Toronto and Canada. I know I may not have been very helpful in my comment but I was speaking the truth. I guess I was just venting a little to be truthful as well. That being said, I am positive that you can find Tastykake's in surrounding Buffalo supermarkets mainly Tops. Good luck!

      2. Tastycakes are actually rather difficult to get outside of the Philadelphia area. I remember them being around here in NYC when I was a kid, but now it's a rarity to find them here.

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          I grew up in Southern New Jersey and always make sure to load up on Tastycakes when I am visiting, but they don't keep all that well. I love the fruit pies especially.

          irishnyc is quite right in noting that they are difficult to find outside of the Philly area, even in New York City.

          You can get them via mail order!

        2. From what i remember when I used to visit the philly area, Tastykakes is not availalbe in Canada cause they do not have the production capabilites to expand yet futher than they do now.

          1. It would be helpful if you broke up your post into more readable chunks ...

            I don't think you'll find Tastycakes anywhere in Canada. I don't believe they are very widely available in much of the US. Likely you will need to find a website that carries these and will ship to Canada. It is possible that Wegman's in Buffalo stocks them and Wegman's does answer email. While an upscale store will sometimes order things, I doubt that Tastycakes would be one of them.

            For a deli sandwich, go to Caplansky's for smoked meat. For a wider selection, go to Centre St in Thornhill.

            For a Burger, go to Allen's on Danforth.

            For Montreal style bagels, go to Bagel House.