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Aug 30, 2008 03:37 PM

Staten Island brunch

looking for a place for my father in law's 80th b-day. really have no knowledge of SI so looking for suggestions for a party of 20 or so. Thanks.

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  1. Anyone have any brunch suggestions?

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    1. re: mbw1024

      For this type of gathering/occasion, I'd definitely rec the Hilton's Buffet brunch.
      The rooms are lovely, there is plenty of free parking. The food selections are varied and will accomodate any palate/dietary restrictions, Etc. There will be very non intrusive light jazz piano playing in the background. It will run about $30 a person, w/o tip, but it includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert selections, and one bloody mary or mimosa per person plus unlimited carafes of oj and/or cranberry juice. There are 2 seatings: 12pm and 2pm. After the meal, for those who wish to linger and talk, you can retreat to the spacious lobby lounge where there are plenty of comfortable couches/chairs.
      I hope that helps somewhat. If you have any questions and I know the answers, I'll be happy to share info.
      Wherever you end up, I hope you all have a wonderful celebration!. :-}

      1. re: Tay

        Thanks. We did think of that as we had been to a wedding there a few years ago.

        Anyone familiar with South Fin Grill? This was another place we were considering.

        1. re: mbw1024

          I just took my 92 your old father and his companion to the South Fin Grill last month for a weekday lunch. The oldsters were incredibly impressed. It was really expensive on par with Manhattan prices - but that could be because dad ordered 12 oysters - and loved every one. The atmosphere was very nice and the service was great. Have a great time whatever you choose.

          1. re: psnative

            I'd have to agree with your very accurate assessment. The seafood is very fresh and in good weather, the, right on the boardwalk, location is very nice. And it's not just the oysters that are pricey. It's very easy to rack up a big bill. We had a couple of seafood towers and a few drinks and it was costly. I've never been there for lunch or brunch only dinner, so it's nice to know you enjoyed lunch