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Aug 30, 2008 02:53 PM

Good chow in Portland MAINE

3 day stay, 2 nights for good dining in late September. What is new and fresh or still good and reliable? Interesting wine list is a bonus, creative cooking, welcome! Thanks.

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  1. 555 is a must! For seafood, try Street and Company.

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    1. re: Cookingmama15

      Thanks! 555 is an old and reliable on my list, same for Street and Co. Anybody tried Evangeline or Bresca? Merci.

      1. re: monterosa

        Had an excellent meal at Evangeline a couple of weeks ago. Add this one to the creative cooking list - I had what was essentially head cheese (although they called it something slightly different), braised rabbit, and pot au chocolat - all really wonderful. I highly recommend a stop!

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          I think Bresca is superb, as do many people on this list. Hope you can get a reservation, and let us know what you think!

        2. re: Cookingmama15

          We're heading up to Portland from Philly tomorrow and are in search of the best seaside lobster shack that has a great lobster dinner with the trimmings. Also, looking for some great oysters. Any suggestions?

        3. I hear David's in Monument square is great. Sure was a fan of his Nwpt. Ma restaurant. Haven't been here yet but will be later this month.

          1. I recently ate at Walter's ( and it was really nice. Make sure that you stop in at the Standard Baking Company. They are well know and loved by foodies who visit the city and was featured on the Splendid Table by the Sterns and Lynne Rossetto Kasper also oohed and ahed about them.

            If you are looking for sushi, I'd stay away from Sapporo. I got a tuna and a salmon roll and I was unimpressed.


            1. I would add Caiola's, Front Room and Blue Spoon to your short list.

              1. Just made a reservation at Bresca- report will be forthcoming. Has anyone been to the newish Greek restaurant Emilista? Cheers!

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                1. re: monterosa

                  Emilitsa's pretty good, although I'm not a huge fan of Greek food. Haven't been in recent months, but did enjoy all the flavors when I dined there. Particularly interesting are the Greek wines: who knew?

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                    We visited Emilista last night on the recommendation of clients and found the balance of reviews we had read online to be accurate. I will say that I believe it is a mistake to offer fish flown in from fish entree was dull, I would go as far to say that the
                    flavor reminded me of frozen whitefish. The desserts were special, esp, the chocolate torte---on return I'll concentrate on appetizers, the roasted beets and salads were lovely.