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Aug 30, 2008 01:56 PM

The good and the bad of Double T

I go to the Double T Diner on Pulaski Highway quite often. The food is consistent and they treat you like a valued guest.

I went to the Double T on Bel Air Road in Perry Hall with my neighbor a week or two ago and the food was pretty bad. I thought I remembered their food not being as good as the Double T on Pulaski and this visit confirmed it. I had a chicken soup that had a small chicken leg bone with, literally, no meat on it and a big lump of fat. The soup experience gave me nightmares. The food was so so and my neighbor agreed that the Double T on Pulaski Hwy has better food.

I guess I know where to go now and where to avoid.

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  1. Yeah, the various Double-T's are related (much more so than the various Ledo Pizzas) but the quality seems to vary a bit. I find the Catonsville one very reliable, the Ellicott City one a little more uneven but better than the one in Annapolis. I've only been to the one in White Marsh once after my daughter's gymnastics competition, and they were very friendly and flexible about seating an ever growing party of tired gymnasts - we will go back after this years meet as well.

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      The Double T diner in Catonsville is the original and still the best, although the Ellicott City branch is acceptable.

    2. What do you think of the Double T in Pasadina, Route 2 & 100, near Marley Station & Mountain road?

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        Been to the DoubleT in Pasadena,oh maybe 50 times,and still havent made a dent in their ginormous menu.But in generic terms,the breakfast stuff has been satisfactory,sandwiches adequate,waitresses pleasant in the Balto-Hon mode,prices mostly too high,and with all that glass and chrome,its kinda harsh in the AM.Nonetheless,in that neighborhood,its dependable and out of towners always want to go there.Its hard to quibble with a place like that.

        1. re: billfish

          I second billfish's comments. Adequate is the perfect description of their sandwiches. Their pastry case looks much better than it tastes.

          And I agree that the prices are high for what you get.

          That said, sometimes you get a hankerin' for it.

          Other places nearby that I haven't tried include the HoneyBee Diner, Cookie's CityLine Diner, and one off of Rock Creek...Rock Creek Diner, perhaps?

          1. re: venera

            Thanks for the confirmation. I usually drive up from DC to shop in the area, flea markets, and other stuff on route 2, and really enjoy the Place.
            Cozy, always busy, and I have to limit myself from the Greek style Hercules breakfast.
            And yeah that is one monster menu.

      2. All Double T's are fine and sometimes I am absolutely blown away by the crab cakes and even the steaks.

        This is an essential public service to the people of Baltimore and I am sorry about the poor experience you related above.

        If I had to pick one location it would be the one off Route 2 in Anne Arundel, with Catonsville not far behind.