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Aug 30, 2008 12:40 PM

Schokinag Drinking Chocolate $11.99...(Calgary)

at Costco (Beacon Hill/Sarcee Tr North) I only got a quick glance so I'm not sure how much you get for the price but it seemed worth mentioning. :)

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  1. Yes I noticed it at the same location. I am picking some up tomorrow so if nobody posts I will let you know.

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    1. re: kritafo

      sorry haven't got there yet. I have one sick child already and school started yesterday.

      1. re: kritafo

        No worries, I know what that's like, my three are all recovering from a cold. Looked like a good deal to me since Costco usually sells in larger quantities than retail...wish I could have caught a look a the package. I posted about it because I remembered a thread about drinking chocolate last winter...

        Hope your little one gets better soon :)

        1. re: maplesugar

          WOW! I posted last winter. :) I have to go, I didn't think it would be here so soon! YAY!

          1. re: AriaDream

            Your post (which I was too lazy to dig up) was the reason I thought to make a note of it. :)

    2. Heading over there this morning, will check it out for everyone! my kids aren't sick yet .... *fingers crossed*

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      1. re: sweeterpea

        I am going right after school since I too have the sore throat runny nose. This will be a nice weekend treat.

        I love their drinking chocolate....and I wish my husband was home to go for me...

        1. re: kritafo

          kritafo, did you end up getting ahold of any of this yet (remember the beyond thread LOL??)

          is it available anywhere besides costco???? i don't have a membership.

          1. re: nonlinear

            Cookbook Company usually has it...but I think they charge more than $12.

      2. OK.... the Costco report! -- 750 grams for a tin. If you're looking for it, don't go to the hot chocolate/coffee/tea aisle, a large display is mysteriously located near the canned tuna aisle. There are a few tins hanging out near the said chocolate/coffee aisle.

        For sick kids large and small, 6-pack cases of Pacific Chicken Broth a deal on a wheel at just a little over $10.00

        Steaz organic green tea sodas in orange, lemon and raspberry flavors are very yummy and $12.99 a case, another great deal. Alder smoked BC Sockeye salmon $12.99 for 400grams.

        A few more things that caught my eye: Annie's Organic snacks in small packs for the little ones -- cheddar bunnies and graham bunnies. As well as Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese. Haven't tried the snacks, but I can attest the mac and cheese is great, no additives and my kids love it. McCormick's Mesquite Rub and Herb Seafood rub in nice aluminum tins -- great for hostess gifts or for yourself.

        If you haven't had good luck with peaches this year like I haven't, the cases of peaches from the US are beautiful and sweet. You have to ripen them a bit, but they taste like summer.

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        1. re: sweeterpea

          Annie's Cheddar bunnies are a staple around here and the Bunny Grahams are a sometimes treat - the last time I picked up the grahamsI had a friend devour 1/3 of the box - he felt silly since it's marketed at kids but he just couldn't get enough lol. I just paid $3.79 or $3.89 for a regular box of Cheddar Bunnies ... I like the convenience of the snack packs but I'd rather use my own reusable containers instead. I will however pick up some Pacific broth - homemade chicken noodle soup seems to be the current lunchbox fave.

          Thanks sweeterpea :)

          1. re: maplesugar

            Off-topic: But does Costco always has Annie's Bunny Grahams? I saw them once at Costco in Red Deer, but decided that I would get them next time after trying them instead of going all out and buying in bulk. Anyhow, the next time I went back, they were no longer in stock - Same goes for Tazo Tea in Red Deer. They only appeared once. And that was it.

            1. re: shdiep

              Unfortunately no, Annie's Bunny Grahams/Cracker snack packs usually show up at the beginning of the school year then disappear. FWIW Superstore carries Tazo tea, but not Annie's Bunny Grahams/Crackers I get those at Planet Organic, Community Natural Foods or Amaranth.

        2. Just got back from Costco and they stocked up again on those fanastic Valdosta Pecans from Sahale Snacks.

          Last year's load was gone faster than anything in the snack isle, if you like that Pecan mix, go soon.
          $9.50 a bag.

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          1. re: worldwidestuff

            Thanks for the tip worldwidestuff :) Love the Valdosta Pecans. Have you had any of their other mixes? Planet Organic carries them - not at Costco prices mind you.

            1. re: maplesugar

              Shoppers carries all teh mixes in 145gr bags @ 5.00. I tried all of them, some are very good, but the standout is still Pecans.

              Check out this thread, they are trying to come up with the recipe...