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Nashua NH

Has anyone been to Cucina Italia near the building 19 in Nashua? Do they have a wine list?

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  1. Here's a thread from earlier this year: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/333454

    They do have a wine list.

    1. Is that the one in the little strip mall across the street? It's been there awhile now? Maybe 2-3 years? If so, I've been. It's pretty good. Everything cooked to order. My nephew really likes it and goes a lot.

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        It's called Cucina Toscana, the owner is from Florence, and the food is very good.

      2. Thanks and what are the recommendations for best Italian in Manchester NH?

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          Piccola Italia has had a serious downturn in quality recently--my rec would be The Way We Cook on upper Elm Street. Not truly Italian--they also serve Greek dishes--but the food and service are very good.

        2. I enjoy cucinabut,.

          I'd also recommend:
          http://www.luciastavola.com/(Brooklin... when you are in the area.
          Lucia's gnocchi are the best around, never had a bad meal there.

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            Lucia's is a true Chow find--it's like eating at someone's home. A little off the beaten path, and don't be put off by the tattoo parlor next door!

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              I'm so sad to hear piccola's has had a downturn!!! I loved it there, the ceaser salad tableside was delicious, just had one in Cabo San Lucas, and it wasn't nearly as good as piccola's!

          2. DH and I really enjoy Cucina Toscana. But you have to be ready for a long evening. Service is friendly, but sssllllllloooooooowwwwwww. The food is worth it though. The bread and dipping oil is excellent. We usually get the cold antipasto platter to start....excellent. We've also had the eggplant app which is also excellent. For main courses, I enjoy the risotto and the pasta bolognese (sp?) DH gets a haddock dish that has shrimp on it. The only thing I didn't really enjoy was their pesto. DH's is much better. But overall, it's great food.

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              Where exactly is Cocina Toscana?

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                Off Rt. 3 (Amherst St or 101A), head west. It's on the right in a small strip mall, across the street from building 19. I've only been once and loved it too, I am one who also agrees about Piccola downturn (twice now disappointed).

            2. whs 3rd reply down says the owner is from Florence but I doubt if it is Florence Italy as that menu is no where near cucina Toscana or Firenze. I mention this as most Americans do not realize that Italian cuisine does not Exist. There are 17+ regions in Italy and their cooking is so varied that it is impossible to explain, For example bruschetta in Italian is called crostini, Braciouli are called Inviltini in Italian.

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                I have had dinner with Davide and he is indeed from Firenze. BTW, he has retired and the chef now owns the place. As far as the menu, no implication that it reflects Florentine anything, not that I would know what that is. And I believe you meant "involtini" not "Inviltini". And it's spelled "braciola".

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                  It depends on how much thought you give to the name of the place and how it reflects the cuisine, I would assume that by the name including "Toscana" that the place would have many dishes representing that region. Just as if I walked into a place called China Kitchen, I would expect Chinese food. In any case...so Davide has retired, how has the place changed since the earlier reviews on here? Or is it just as good (or better) as when he was still there?

                  China Kitchen
                  173 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104

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                    Seemed pretty much the same when I went there last weekend.