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Aug 30, 2008 11:47 AM

Alex Guarneschelli's New Show

Anyone see it this morning? Called The Cooking Loft, 9:30 am. The format was a cooking class in a loft. Four people gathered around the island helping her cook. I really liked her personality and the information she was passing along. The students were all very bland and didn't really interact with her much. A couple of them asked a random question, but for the most part they just had silly grins on their faces the whole time. The food she cooked looked really good, I thought her personality came off really well and I'll watch again.

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  1. i didnt understand the "teaching" aspect of it. I think they should have done more, or been more involved.

    otherwise, i liked how it's around a central ingredient. and she's very easy to follow...calm...organized.

    i'd watch again.

    1. I saw the show and found it somewhat interesting. I'll watch again. :)

      1. In general, I liked the show. In terms of the food, all of the dishes looked tasty and the combinations seemed rather unique (i.e. the tomato+pear+caramel dessert). Agree about the goofy grins...

          1. I also liked her show. I found her to be more pleasant and likeable than Ann Burrells, though the food taught by both chefs were equally and appealing. Alex G. seems more approachable and her voice a little softer than Ann.

            I think she is trying to use the "Molto Mario" format in which Batali used to have some people to join his cooking class and shared very simple tasks (like peeling garlic skins or whatever). I think it wasn't necessary as I think Alex is good enough to hold the show herself. Overall I enjoyed the show and will tune in again.

            Once again it proves that there is no need for cleavage or crazy personality for FN. All they need is a simple cooking show with someone who can teach cooking!