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Aug 30, 2008 11:21 AM

Vail Valley -- Sushi, Fish Tacos and Lobster

Had some good sushi and excellent squid salad, spicy tunatini and potstickers this week at Foxnut in Beaver Creek. Pad thai was just okay. Server was excellent, but it took way too long to get the food. Would go again, though.

Fish tacos at Mango's in Red Cliff were good on two different occasions. Others in the group had steak tacos and ground beef tacos that were reportedly good, as well. Liked the old place much better for the funkiness, but this is still a good place. Last Sunday they had a dreadlocked acoustic guitarist and singer on the third level deck. A great way to spend a beautiful afternoon.

We picked up some frozen Australian lobster tails from Costco to see how they would taste. We split them and grilled them and they were wonderful. Much better than anticipated. Very tender, moist and tasty. Costco keeps coming through.

On the non-seafood front, we had the wonderful pretzel-crusted pork chops at Grouse Mountain Grill the other night. Excellent, as expected. Beef tenderloin was also good. Service was first-rate, as it should be at these prices.

Stopped by Eat! for a late lunch. Had the olive boat and a three-cheese plate, along with a sampling of four of the paninis, which were new on the menu for us. Everything was good. This is a great place for an al fresco meal on a nice warm day.

Eating options continue to be good in the Eagle Valley.

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  1. IFor anyone looking to eat out and seeking, lobster, try the Left Bank.

    For fish tacos, suggest trying Kelly Liken's American Bistro in Edwards (not Vail, but definitely in the greater Vail Valley).

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      DD and Claire,
      I think the whole Front Range was up here over Labor Day Weekend. The Vail Sunday Market was jammed. To me its no longer a "farmers market", it like Minturn has made the unfortunate transition to "trash and trinkets".

      Dick I agree about most food at Costco, but the lamb from Australia tastes more like mutton to me. I wish they would get a Colorado supplier. City Market stocks Superior which has been very good.

      Avondale in the Westin (Larkspur folks) opens on September 25 and my guess is that based on how hard they are working to be ready, it will be good from the get-go. And Larkspur has started 50% on wines already.

      Claire, the name of Kelly's place in Edward (in the old Zinos space) is Rick and Kelly's American Bistro. I'm waiting for some feedback before I try it.

      Lastly, Applejack is now delivering to the Eagle Valley once a month and taking credit cards.

      1. re: BlueOx

        You're right, Blue Ox. about the name of Kelly's place in the old Zino space. It's the second (or third?) thing there, isn't it?

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          You're right that there has been more than one incarnation of that space. I liked it as Zino's. It then was something else (don't remember the name) but I never ate there. I haven't heard anything about how it is as Rick and Kelly's. Has anyone been there or heard from someone dependable who has?