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Ken & Kent's NY Style Deli - Hermosa Beach?

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Has anyone tried this deli? How's the pastrami and corned beef sandwiches?


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  1. We went yesterday for the first time and my husband declared the pastrami sandwich to be delicious and pretty authentic. It came with two sides, he picked potato salad (yummy) and coleslaw (unfortunately, not vinegar-based dressing but still okay). I think it wasn't cheap, probably about $12, but big enough that my husband, who is a big eater, could only finish one half.

    We also got a nice free starter of pickles, sauerkraut, etc. Definitely a place we'll be going back to many times.

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      Gotta try this place.. so close to me and so out of place in the Southbay.. anyone else been there??

    2. I went about three weeks ago. I ordered the pastrami sandwich with cole slaw and russian dressing, and it came with two sides. The sandwich was made with sourdough bread which was way too dry and they didn't put any dressing or cole slaw on the sandwich. I didn't notice their absence until I got home and re-read the menu. I was practicaly drowning it with mustard to give the sandwich more moisture.
      About every 30 seconds a different server would ask if everything was ok. This was way to often and interfered with my meal.
      I will say this, the pastrami itself was very good, flavorful and tender.

      1. been going there for a while since they opened - food and service has gotten much much better - i love this place - new website too. - www.kenandkents.com

        1. Had the Chicken Soup with Kreplach- delicious! The broth was rich and had intense chicken flavor with right amount of noodles and meat and carrots. The Kreplach could have been bigger, or they could have given two, the meat filling was perfectly spiced.

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            I am meeting my friend for lunch today. Looking over the menu, so many different choices. I think I will try the Rueben today and then take Hubby tomorrow and try out something else. Can't wait, will report back.

          2. I picked up a Pastrami Sandwich (Sky High) to go with cole slaw. It was a big and tasty sandwich. Next time, I'm going to try the NY Pastrami as recommended by the sandwich maker at the counter. It is supposed to be more peppery.

            Also, the menu reminds me of Jerry's Deli. Bagel chips, split pea soup, sky highs, etc. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as the pastrami is tasty. I couldn't find this in the South Bay, but I'm still learning this area.

            1. I can practically walk there (well, I can walk there, but why walk when I can drive or ride my bike?). So, I took my four year old daughter on Sunday. First, it is ridiculously kid-friendly (and ridiculously packed with kids -- two tables from us were a bunch of semi-loud brats, whose behavior was so bad that my daughter says to me "Daddy, I am glad I am not like those guys."). But i like the fact that there are kids and noise, this is, after all, a deli, right? You go to Katz's in NY and you don't expect peace, quiet and romantic ambience, do you. Even better, they give the kids these cool little things called Wiki Sticks which they can play with throughout the meal. Awesome.

              Oh, so you wanted to hear about the food? Well, they give you half sour and full sour pickles along with sauerkraut to knosh on while you wait for your food. I enjoyed the pickles immensely. Nice touch. I had the Hot Pastrami and Swiss topped with Coleslaw and Russian Dressing on Rye. It amce out and looked beautiful. Piled as high as I can remember any Pastrami sandwich in my birthplace, the big apple. It was obscenely thick to the point where no mortal would even try to bite into the whole thing -- instead you just bite in and around it. The meat had the perfect ratio of meat to fat and the flavor was awesome. I was craving a good pastrami sandiwch and this more than satisfied my craving. My only criticisms were (1) the deli mustard ont he tables was Beaver Brand, and I would prefer Ba-Tampte because that is what I am (was) used to back home, and (2) the meat was thinly sliced on a meat slicer and after all those years at Katz', I guess I just like that thick, hand-sliced pastrami. Maybe next time I will ask for the meat to be hand-sliced and see what they say. Hoepfully they won't give me the same nonsense they gave me over the phone when I asked what their corakge policy was (they said "Oh, sorry, we don't have the kind of liquor license that allows that, but you can buy wine off our wine list" -- well, I am not aware that you need a special BYO license on top of a regular liquor license for patrons to bring their own. So, I presume this was their way of saying no, without really saying no.)

              All-in-all, a pretty killer sandwich and a restaurant I am very very happy to have in my 'hood. I will definitely support this place, but I wish they would allow corkage. I'd love a nice Carlisle Zin or Syrah with my next Pastrami sandwich.

              1. where is this place exactly?........thanks.

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                  See the place link map.

                  I'm glad that someone decided to bless the South Bay area with a decent deli after the demise of the Korner Deli near LAX (RIP).

                  Ken & Kent's NY Style Deli
                  844 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

                2. Loved the service, space, and FOOD!!! The pickles are delicious, the pastrami was piled high, i even liked the potato salad. Can't wait to go back!!!