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crab-cakes in annapolis?

anyone have suggestions for good places to get authentic crab-cakes in annapolis?

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    1. Annapolis Seafood on Forest Drive- there are 3 levels- all are great and the backfin ones are amazing!

      1. Grumps Cafe in the Hillsmere Shopping Center has excellent crab cakes, and for something a little different, try their crab cake quesadilla!

        I'll second the recommendation for Annapolis Seafood, very good crab cakes.

        1. I'll third the recommendation for Annapolis Seafood's crab cakes. I prefer to take home their uncooked jumbo lump backfin crab cakes, sprinkle on a bit more of my favorite seafood seasoning and pan-fry in butter. Though they still aren't as good as the crab cakes made from crabs locally caught, properly steamed, carefully picked then joyfully madeā€¦ by almost anyone who cares to do it all.

          1. I just got back from a weekend in Annapolis and had a delicious crab cake at Carroll's Creek for dinner. There were 2 perfectly cooked crab cakes, mashed potatoes, and ratatoille. It has a light drizzle around the plate of a mustard sauce. Very tasty!

            1. The best crab cakes are not in Annapolis, but there are a ton of spots in the surrounding county that are fairly good. Edgewater Restaurant on Mayo Road has a very good version as do a few places over by the airport - Olive Grove, G&M and Timbuktu. I live in Annapolis, but I choose to make my own crabcakes rather than eat the versions I've had in town. The recipe is very simple - good quality crab meat, cracker crumbs, mayonaise, a little old bay with salt and pepper and that's it. Anything else is not authentic. This is my reason for not bothering with the versions I've had at some of the places recommended. I can't speak about Jerry's Seafood, but I hear they are good if not terribly overpriced. If you have the option of taking a ride, you will be very pleased with the other options....

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                I haven't been in ages, but under good authority on this board G&M doesn't use Blue Crabs. If you don't mind that then they are huge and not that expensive.

                One place I have found in town that they used to be really good was actually Galway Bay on Maryland Avenue, but I haven't had them there in a couple years now. I haven't had Jerry's yet, maybe I will stop in next time I am over.

              2. The CC at the Sunday farmer's market next to Fawcett's are really good! I roll them in Panko crumbs then brown them in a bit of butter.

                1. Severn Inn by Naval Acad. does crabcake sandwich for under 20, but Boatyard Grill over in Eastport has a great one for around 15.

                  1. The best crabcakes in Annapolis, that you can eat at a restaurant, not grab and go, are at Davis' Pub - 400 Chester Ave in Eastport. They are meaty and full, very little filler, handmade each day and cost under $10 for a crabcake sandwich and something like $15 for a platter of 2 crabcakes (which is a lot of crab cake). You won't be disappointed, by taste or price.