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Aug 30, 2008 09:58 AM

Good Choice for Sangria?

I went to the store yesterday looking for some wine to make a sangria. I know nothing about wine and totally went with what they picked for me. Can you tell me if what I bought is ok?

Mesta Tempranillo
Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc

Thanks so much!


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  1. Typically, Sangria is red, and the Tempranillo will be fine. The Sauv Bl. will work for a white version . . .

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    1. It's not about the wine, but all about the booze you add: triple sec, brandy, Liquor 43 is also a nice touch, and any fruity forms of alcohol to make it your own! By the way, a good sangria always balances white wine with red for a tropical flavor, and a nice balanced acidity. The end result LOOKS red which may account for the above responses. Sangria is all about fruit, fun, & NO rules. Just because it looks red doesn't mean it is entirely.

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      1. re: hawaiigrl2003

        The recipe that I have calls for both red and white.

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          Sounds intriguing to use some white wine in a red Sangria. Not much different than adding the more traditional Cointreau or Triple Sec. But I can't say that I've ever seen a recipe that calls for it.

          1. re: Midlife

            Other than recipes for making a WHITE sangria, I concur. But it would add something -- though with an NZ SB, it's going to add a lot of acidity, and that generally comes from the citrus.

            1. re: zin1953

              Here is the recipe:

              750ml white
              1 cup red
              1 cup pom juice
              1/4 cup triple sec
              diced apples
              diced white peaches

              Combine and refrige overnight. It says to add a can of club soda and a can of soda like Fresca or something similar just before serving.

              I have never had it with the addition of the club soda and it tastes great the way it is so I am not sure if I will add it or not. I might pour some into my glass 1st and see how it tastes.

              1. re: doberlady

                Hmmmm. Unlike any sangria recipe I've ever seen . . .

                2 gallons Zinfandel
                1 cup brandy
                1/2 cup Cointreau
                2 quarts orange juice
                2 cups lemon juice
                1 cup superfine sugar
                12 to 16 ice cubes
                3 oranges, thinly sliced
                3 lemons, thinly sliced

                Or . . .

                2 bottles chilled dry red wine, Beaujolais
                1 cup brandy
                1 cup orange juice
                1/4 cup superfine granulated sugar
                2 oranges, cut into thin rounds
                1 lemon, cut into thin rounds
                1 lime, cut into thin rounds
                2 apples, cored and cut into 1/2-inch chunks
                2 pears, cored and cut into 1/2-inch chunks

                Or . . .

                1 unwaxed orange
                1 unwaxed lemon
                2 peaches
                1 to 2 tablespoons sugar
                1 large bottle red wine, chilled
                3 tablespoons brandy
                1 cup mineral water, chilled

                Or . . .

                1 orange, sliced thin
                1 lemon, sliced thin
                2 tablespoons superfine granulated sugar, or to taste
                1 bottle chilled dry red wine
                1/2 cup cognac
                1/4 cup orange liqueur, such as Grand Marnier or Cointreau
                2 tablespoons orange juice
                1 cup cold water
                Ice cubes

                Or WHITE Sangria . . .

                2 (750-ml) bottles white wine, chilled
                1 cup brandy
                2 navel oranges, sliced
                1 lemon, sliced
                1 lime, sliced
                1/4 cup superfine sugar

                1. re: zin1953

                  Sangria for red or white

                  Inexpensive wine: Vella bag-in-a-box

                  1 part orange liqueur: Torres Gran Orange is the best or Triple sec works OK
                  1 part brandy (Spanish brandy is best but E&J California will do
                  to five parts of wine

                  So if a 750 ml bottle of wine is 25 oz. add 5 oz each of orange liqueur and brandy

                  Add 1 part simple syrup - spiced simple syrup for red wine, plain for white wine

                  Simple Syrup:
                  2 parts sugar
                  1 part water
                  1. Bring the water to a boil.
                  2. Dissolve the sugar into the boiling water.
                  3. Once the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat.
                  4. Allow to cool completely. You can put it in a bottle.
                  For spiced simple syrup just add a little cinnamon. I’ve also added a pinch or so of nutmeg.
                  Taste and see if the mixture is sweet enough. If not, add a bit more syrup.
                  Mix everything up and chill.

                  Add chopped fruits of your choice: pears, apples and sliced lime and oranges which have soaked a little in a similar mixture of liqueur and brandy.

                  Just before serving add a nice shot of club soda to thin out the sangria and give it a slight frizzante. Serve over lots of ice.

                2. re: doberlady

                  It's the pomegranate juice that is supplementing your red wine. Pure pom juice is seriously tannic in profile - be careful with that stuff - it stains everything!

          2. re: hawaiigrl2003

            " a good sangria always balances white wine with red for a tropical flavor, and a nice balanced acidity."

            No, it doesn't. The above, especially in using the word "always", could easily be mistaken for a rule. Someone once said about sangria that there are "NO rules".

            Of course, that often means 'there are NO rules but mine.'

          3. Does anyone else put spices in Sangria? I can't remember how they got into my recipe in the first place, but I always use cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and star anise.

            I started an experiment using cardamom and black pepper steeped in triple sec as a base for white sangria, but the alcohol melted my container. . .

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            1. re: mamaciita

              Cinnamon and even black pepper works good for me...

              1. re: mamaciita

                cinnamon sticks and cracked pepper works good for me...

              2. Simply put, something red and cheap.