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Aug 30, 2008 09:23 AM

Fat Jack's BBQ?

Has anyone eaten at Fat Jack's BBQ in Cherry Hill (or elsewhere, as it appears to be a chain)? The menu looks decent, but we've been burned before, at another chain on the other end of Rt 70. Is it worth trying?


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  1. Haven't got there yet, but I have been meaning to give it a shot. The past few summers, the night guy at WIP sports radio has been doing "Best of Philly" for guy food. He's done burgers, ribs, pizza and cheesesteaks so far. Fat Jack's was the winner of the rib contest. Since I agree with most of his other winners, I figure it's worth a shot. Here's a link for his final rib rankings:

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      we go to the one in Sewell pretty regularly. pork ribs, beef ribs and brisket are all very good. better than Famous Dave's, if that is your concern.

      1. re: DDR4040

        speaking of being BURNED, the FAT JACK'S BBQ in Cherry Hill burned down last year..... it was part of a small, ugly strip shopping center ....the fire damaged
        a lot of the stores..
        ....better make sure they've re-opened , before you make a trek there!!

        I just happened to look on their online menu last night....always enjoyed their beef ribs! But now I can't even find them on their menu anymore!!
        (UH OH !!)

        I've been to their Audubon, Sewell, and Clementon locations ,as well

        1. re: ellen4441

          UPDATE !!! : I just did some google research... I see that the CHERRY HILL location has NOT been re-opened yet.... (article from Nov. 4th Courier Post about "Renovations to begin in Liberty Bell Shopping Center, Cherry Hill)

          And I have a CORRECTION to make : the fire was back in APRIL 2009...
          (not last year)

          Meanwhile, I need some BEEF RIBS !!!!