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Aug 30, 2008 09:22 AM

How do you shell lima beans?

Just bought some limas and some corn to make succatash. Tried to shell the limas, but the pod seems really hard to work with (tough pod, bean inside is small). I figure there must be an easy way to go about his this that this city boy doesn't know. Help! and thanks!

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  1. Limas ARE hard to shell. Take ahold at the stem end and pull down....there is a thick string; pull down to the bottom of the pod. (Somewhat like pulling the strings off of string beans.) There is a thick string on one side of the lima pod.

    Then put the index finger and thumb on each side on the seams (not flat area) and squeeze. The pod should split open for you. A short bladed paring knife also helps in grasping that thick string.

    As a youngster I had to do a lot of limas. So much so that my fingers used to get sore.

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      Thanks, Lisbet. I also found that some pods are harder to shell than others; flat pods have larger beans and are easier to shell while and sort of curved pod has smaller beans and is a bear to shell. I'll choose my pods more carefully next time. The succatash I used them for was really delicious.

      1. re: howboy

        Your Welcome "howboy". My dad used to raise the lima beans, but they must have been the large flat pods. Anyway, shelling them was no picnic!!

        (Love succatash, too....good with some small strips of pimento mixed in
        and lots of butter. Yummm)