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Aug 30, 2008 09:16 AM

Lake George/Bolton Area Restaurant?

Hello Hounds,

Sorry for the rant, but I hope my fellow chowhounds will understand my quest for good food. I am currently staying in Loon Lake, north of Bolton and Lake George. We are right near Friends Lake Inn and have reservations to eat there again tomorrow. It is the only restaurant we have enjoyed in the area, so far. I have been cooking all of the other meals and I need a break. We are looking for other options, casual or not. Can be lunch; a nice salad, good fries, or even breakfast, a greasy spoon with good food is fine.

Have eaten at Algonquin in Bolton and left most of our food there as inedible and dirty. The views were nice, but once the waitress came by with a dirty pitcher to refill my water, we left. The food appeared to be straight from the can, package, etc. Firehouse (?), up the road, was a bit better with a nice fish fry and french fries, but then they pile on hush puppies (and something else I can't remember). Ate at Well's House and had lobster roll that wasn't so great; mostly a huge hamburger roll and filler. Cafe Adirondack was cute, but the menu consisted of steak with shrimp and scallops, often all together on the plate. It seems that many places take popular items and thoughtlessly combine them into one entree. Oh, and last year we went to the Sagamore. It is all the show of old-school fine french dining, with horrible service. Having to search for our server all throughout the meal. The food was not good either. ("Heirloom" tomatoes were not as billed, mozzarella slices and balls were stuck together as if left in the fridge overnight - definitely not fresh)

Yes, I am picky, but I really am not asking for much.

I know its a holiday weekend and many people are not at the computer, but if there is someone out there, please help.

Thanks and have a great holiday weekend!!!!!

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  1. Alas, sounds like you are experiencing pretty typical Adirondack dining experiences. It is NOT a place to go for fine (or even mediocre) dining. Their season is so short it's just very tough to stay in business. On top of that there is a dearth of workers.

    There used to be a couple of good restaurants in the North Creek area - both recently closed. At this point the only great restaurant that I can suggest is Melody Lodge in Speculator (about an hour from you).

    Try this thread on the Adirondacks forum -- but beware! Many places talked about are closed, so confirm first. (One place I noticed on there is The Lakehouse in Wells - that's about half an hour from you. I have never been there.)

    Happy cooking!

    1. doughreme, Sorry I am late replying..I agree with you regarding the Algonquin. I will say one place that is consistently good is Mario's Italian restaurant. (Canada street.) Locals know it is very good, and visitors return year after year for the great homemade food. You can find it right before the junction to 9N.

      As a matter of fact, just this past week my husband and I dined at The Inn At Erlowest as well as Mario's, and dare I say I had a tastier, more enjoyable meal at the latter. You just never know...

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        doughreme, The Inn at Erlowest is also open for lunch. We went to one of their Sunday in August jazz events and plan to go back for dinner soon. If you are willing to travel a bit, Saratoga Springs has much better food. There are many posts if you do a search of this Board.

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            I was very disappointed at the Inn At Erlowest. The food was ok, but for what they charge, it should be FABULOUS.

            I had read quite a few favorable reviews, and our experience was not similar.

            I was left wondering why we had bread plates/butter knives as part of our place setting. No bread was offered as part of the meal. When we inquired about it, one dry, tasteless roll (sans butter) was practically tossed onto the plate by the wine steward. (Classy.)

            Entrees were nice. But again, nothing you can't easily find elsewhere.

            In all, not "bad" but certainly not top notch either. At least not for what they charge.

            1. re: LGGal

              Thanks, LGGal. I saw your previous post that you preferred Mario's (Italian). Appreciate the additional details on your experience (sorry it wasn't a good one) at the Inn at Erlowest. What night did you go? What apps and entrees did you have? Were there any standouts (apps or entrees)? The sample wine list on their website looks pretty good. Maybe they charge for bread service like Beekman Street Bistro does :) fdr

          1. You might want to try Brunettos in warrensburg, it does not look like much from the out side but he food is fantastic we have never had a bad meal there,518-623-1041 you will hve to make a reservation , also contessa italian restaurant in bolton landing,it is north on rt9 north of the sagamore, it's a pizza place and a restaurant but they have a nice deck overlooking lake george and I had a great seafood fradiablo.518-644-5921.I hope that helps.

            1. We had a really lovely meal at Farmhouse restaurant a few weeks ago. I haven't gotten around to writing it up yet but we really enjoyed their slow food/organic/local approach to the menu. They do have a small lunch menu as well, but if you're going to go, I would guess dinner would be your best bet.