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Aug 30, 2008 08:43 AM

Atlanta Fine Dining: Birthday Celebration

Boston hound here, with a sister (and harried mother of two) who lives near Atlanta who enjoys going to the city for fine dining, but only makes it there, it seems, when I'm down visiting and force the issue.

Last year for her birthday, I treated her and a few others to a dinner at Bacchanalia, which I'd been hearing about for years. Lovely place, though I will admit that I found the food a little "old-fashioned." Not THAT old—it felt like late-’90s NYC, or something.

Anyway, this year I want to send her somewhere nice (can't get down there myself...) and wanted some recommendations. Price point isn't important, but I wouldn't mind something that seems a little more current than Bacchanalia (is Quinones worth considering??). Her partner has some seafood allergies, but otherwise they're good eaters.

Any thoughts? I realize this sounds very general. Nice atmosphere, great food...

Thank you in advance.

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  1. You could do a gift card from Concentrics or Fifth Group (both have websites)....those hit lots of the more contemporary spots. Buckhead Life Group is not that good in my opinion.

    I was given a gift card to Restaurant Eugene this past year, and I really enjoyed of the better meals I've had in the city.

    Quinones might be tough with food allergies because they have a fixed price tasting menu ($95 without wine).

    1. if you/she like top chef, richard blais from last season has a place called home that my family has really enjoyed. interesting updated southern twists on comfort foods. other chowhounds have reviewed it fairly well too. and i know he's in the restaurant often and friendly.

      1. Was recently in Atlanta to do some eating and these three places should cover whatever way you want to go:

        Resturant Eugene - wonderful food, great service, nice upscale environment

        Watershed - brilliant food, great variations on classic comfort food, casual but by no means sloppy, just relaxed

        Ecco - very Metropolitan, small plates focused, great for sharing things, very good service, very nice bar area

        1. I highly recommend floataway creek. Its actually part of the bacchanalia family (didn't realize that till I went looking for a link) with a modern feel and always fresh menu.

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            Hey, it's Floataway Cafe and you are right it is very good.

            1. re: Katj

              Hey, thanks for the recommendations.

              Ended up going with Eugene, but now I have a nice To Do list for my future visits!