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Aug 30, 2008 08:42 AM

Beachcomber Malibu vs. Malibu Pier Club

Can anyone who's been to this new combo on the Malibu Pier help me choose which of the 2 to reserve?

I know they're sister establishments, but not clear on exactly where each of them sit on the pier, and what they're environments/vibes are like.

It seems from the website that the Beachcomber is indoors with a larger menu, and the Pier Club outdoors with more of a bar menu.

But if a group of 4 is heading there at 5:00 on a Sunday, trying to discern (guess) which place we'd rather be.

Any insight, opinions, or first hand experiences appreciated.


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  1. They are directly off the pier from each other. The pier club is outside and has a smaller menu but enough items to satisfy most everyone. The beachcomber is dark on the inside and as a result is kind of depressing also with the expanded menu it doesn't have a lot of seafood choices which is weird.

    The burger at the pier club is fantastic!

    1. Sit outside at the Pier Club!

      1. The Pier Club it is then. Thanks guys!

        1. DREADFUL experience at Pier Club tonight...service was insanely bad. I started feeling ill from a way-overcooked burger (ordered medium rare) and waiter (who had been nowhere to be found our whole meal) suddenly rushed up with the check and made no effort to bring a manager over, or see what the problem was. I was so shook up I paced the parking lot for an hour before I could drive back to town...
          Used to love Alice's restaurant, and the setting is gorgeous there..but the food is grossly overpriced, the wait staff seem on another planet, and the place seems doomed...
          I hear from malibu locals the fancier main restaurant inside is struggling..not suprised after tonight.
          was really hoping for great things...
          very sad.

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            There's an old saying-- The Closer to the water, crappier the food.

          2. Yesterday at the Dodgers game they handed out coupons for free appetizers at the Beachcomber Cafe. They gave us four coupons. Is it worth the drive from Sherman Oaks to Malibu, perhaps have a drink and a few apps, watch the sunset, or not worth it? The coupons are good through the end of the year.