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Aug 30, 2008 07:54 AM

Selection and quality in Peapod deliveries

Has anyone else noticed Peapod stepping up their efforts to replace products with their store brand or with Nature's Promise. Increasingly, items I had ordered from them in the past are no longer available and the listings for new arrivals all seem to be their own brands. I had already stopped ordering meats from Peapod and I find that produce is very variable in quality.

I have been anxiously waiting for some of our other area delivery services to add our neighborhood to their routes...

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  1. Actually I just cancelled Peapod this morning and I am going to try Roche Bros next, I've only used Peapod twice and both times some of the produce items were literally rotted and on my last order they sent meatloaf mix that was past its expiration date, which I ended up throwing out.... why pay to have garbage delivered to your house? Its just so "Stop & Shop- like".