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Aug 30, 2008 06:36 AM

la rosa nautica NOT inca grill....boca

la rosa nautica is a new Peruvian restaurant which has opened recently in the same space previously occupied by inca grill (515 n.e. 20th street...boca raton) also a Peruvian restaurant. we were told that there is no relationship between the two...except the fact that they are each rosa to our untrained eye seems to have a more extensive and more authentic menu then inca grill ...anticuchos (grilled chunks of beef hearts) for example. the space has been refurbished and the service was effecient,accomodating and friendly....they seem to take real pride in their work. the four of us shared an appetizer order of papa a la huancaina and tamal peruanos..both the potato and the pork tamal were terrific...(chicken is also available)..for our main courses we stuck with the fish and seafood...a seafood cevich,trout,,fish topped with sauteed shrimp and squid and shrimp sauteed in garlic ,wine and butter. everything was cooked to order,very fresh and very tasty. the new owners to not seem to have done much advertising aqnd there is probably still some confusion as to whether this is another incarnation of inca grill( note that the Friday Sun Sentinel still runs the squib for inca grill,in their mini restaurant reviews)'s not and whether you liked the previous spot or rosa nautica is very much worth a visit on its own merits.

La Rosa Nautica
515 N.E. 20th st.
boca raton
winfield plaza...federal hwy
561 296 1413

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  1. Any idea if this is open for lunch and what is the price scale? Is this the place on the northeast end of the plaza next to Senor Burrito?


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    1. re: freakerdude is open every day for lunch (and Peruvian breakfast on Saturday and Sunday)..lunch prices seem to range from around $7 to $9.and yes it's right next door to Senior's worth a stop.

      1. re: dickinboca

        My wife and I had dinner there twice and lunch three or four times since La Rosa Nautica opened. The original one is in Lantana and the owners of that one opened in Boca shortly after Inca Grill closed.

        The lunches are a good deal and the food is very good. I really enjoy the soups (the mussel soup is exceptional), the seafood is uniformly well prepared and they have a real way with skirt steak.

        Have you ever actually been there for breakfast? We've gone there 3 or 4 times between 9:30 and 10:30 on Saturdays and they're never open. The last time we were there for lunch we asked the waiter and he assured us that they opened at 9 a.m. and served a Peruvian breakfast. We went back the following Saturday and the doors were locked.

        The waiter also mentioned that starting in October they will be offering a lunch buffet.

        1. re: RickL

          The La rosa Nautica Restaurant of Boca Raton Florida is a real find. We have dined there for lunch and dinner. The food is very well prepared and very fresh. Not over spiced and the place is very clean and sanitary. Wehad the seafood soup and it was excellent. The shell fish was fresh and tasty and not fishy. The Bistec was tender and not over salted, spiced or overcooked. On another visit for lunch we had grilled chicken, grouper equally as good and for desert,Tres leches and flan was excellent. The service was very attentive and a 20% tip was well deserved. We look forward to dining there again.

    2. Made it for lunch today with 5 co-wokers. A stated, all lunch menu prices are $7 to $9. Chicha morada (purple corn, apple, pineapple, sugar) is a traditional drink with a bit of cinnamon and was good. Lomo saltado (marinated skirt steak) is really good and comes with rice and french fries (maybe because we were gringos?). I would have much preferred traditional plantains. Lunch ceviche with grouper and tacu tacu chicken was all said to be good. The tacu tacu entrees come with a bean and rice conglomeration formed like a cake, which I liked from a sampling.

      From the regular menu, they have about 8 to 10 different ceviches and many seafood options. Add in a lot of beef and chicken options and there's plenty to choose from. The menus says all food is made to order (ceviche possibly being the exception), so expect to wait for your food. Freindly service and clean inside. For a cheap lunch, it's a great option for the area.

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        actually lomo saltado is served with french fries, not sure if they actually made the fries or used frozen french fries [like i would at home since its faster and easily available] but its not because your white or gringo lol thats just the dish. im peruvian and ive never seen it served with plantains, maybe on the side, if its asked for =] with the fries, its as traditional as it can get:

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          I recently went to this place, it was in Lantana by my house years ago what a great place food was executed perfectly It has been a long time since I have had food at this level of authenticity. Grilled chunks of beef heart absolutely great,mussels stuffed onions, tomatoes ,cilantro and line juice WOW.and ceviche de conchas negras (black scallops in lime juice) Peruvian corn peppers super tasty and enough that I had a hard time finishing the meal
          I highly recommend this place and agree with all that have replied before me

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            That link is not correct anymore, so sorry.

            Does anyone have a copy of the menu? I can't find it on google. :)

            1. re: OysterHo

              OysterHo - Try this:

              It looks like an older version of the current menu but it's pretty close. Karen and I really like this place and go for lunch and dinner fairly frequently. They have a real talent for cooking skirt steak and seafood (or in the case of the ceviche, not cooking) and Karen really enjoys the Tacu-Tacu.

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                I visited today.... I have a menu.. food was great and place was immaculately clean.. good find.

                1. re: OysterHo

                  I visited today and I have a menu, email me if you still want..

                  1. re: ShellySirju

                    A few days ago, I passed "la Rosa Nautica" on Lake Worth road (west of Congress, maybe west of Military Trail). Is this a sister location of the Rosa Nautica mentioned in previous posts? Is it any good?

              2. Good lunch visit last week with tacu tacu peruvian style and chicken. It is a rice/bean cake griddled served with marinated chicken with onions & peppers. Lunch menu is still reasonable for around $9 and they have added a lunch buffet. The lomo saltado is really good here as well.

                Their lunch ceviche is marinated fish but no peppers, onions, or anything else in the mix. It's simply marinated fish (lime juice only I believe)served with onions on top and garbanzo beans on the side. The large size cubes of fish were very good and mild but didn't ask what kind it was. On the dinner menu, they have around 10 ceviches.

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                1. re: freakerdude

                  I have found this place to have very good food and from what I have read it is somewhat authentic at least according to a web site that has not led me wrong yet.

                  1. re: pikiliz

                    We finally went a while ago and loved it. I had ceviche mixto, the perusana scallops (gratin), and another breaded fried fish dish. All the food was really good, but for a Saturday night it was dead in there. We were one of two parties. I want to go back and try more dishes - I hope they do well.

                    1. re: OysterHo

                      On my visits for lunch, I rarely ever see any caucasians eating there. It is mainly people of latin descent it seems. I really like this place and hope they do well because it certainly is worthy of very good food for a reasonably priced lunch.