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Aug 30, 2008 06:32 AM

Replicating canned condensed soups?

Two of my favorite childhood recipes were "Porcupines" (ground beef mixed with rice and cooked in canned cream of celery soup), and "Chicken, ham, and cheese roll-ups" (chicken rolled around a slice of ham and a slice of cheese and baked in canned cream of chicken soup). I thought it would be a fun project to recreate these meals from scratch. How would you go about creating a sauce that resembles the condensed canned soups (but tastes even better, hopefully)?

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  1. I just use a standard white sauce, with whatever flavoring you need (sauteed celery, mushrooms, chicken, etc.)

    1. There are recipes all over the web. As JGrey says, it's just a flavored thick white sauce. A quick example of typical proportions: 3 Tbs. butter, 3 Tbs. flour, half cup chicken or other broth, half cup milk, salt & pepper to taste plus whatever other flavoring you want (mushrooms, celery). This will make a "can equivalent".

      1. As suggested, make a white sauce, thick, and use chicken broth for the liquid, or vegetable broth depending on which direction you are going.To make it thick, increase flour and fat to the regular amount of liquid

        1. Thanks for the replies - I didn't realize that the answer was so simple! I can't wait to show up my mother with a new porcupine recipe :)