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Aug 29, 2008 11:08 PM

Best TM in Philadelphia

Coming to Philadelphia from LA in November for a wedding and want to experience what local hounds consider to be the best tasting menu in the city. Looking for something for a Thursday night. Does the resto have a wine pairing? Would you recommend it? Thanks for your help.

Looking forward also to a Phillycheewit of course....

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  1. Vetri is our best Italian and one of our best overall restaurants. If you are coming in November, call 2 months in advance of the night you want to go and you should be able to get the reservation without a problem. The restaurant only seats about 35-40 people, so it can be a tough table to get.

    As for the wine pairings, they do offer them and I understand that they are worth it.

    1. The tasting menus at Matyson BYOB and Gayle should be worth checking out. Gayle has a liquor license so may have wine pairings.