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Aug 29, 2008 08:13 PM

Lunch - Battery Park, Pastrami Midtown Please Help

Need Suggestions Please – Lunch for Mom and teen son somewhere down around or in Battery Park/Staten Island Ferry area. We want to eat on the fly but don’t want to waste our NYC food experience. (His long-awaited first NYC trip.)

Another day we need/want good pastrami (hot on roll (no rye) with mustard, pickles and peppers) in either Battery Park area or in Midtown (Katz is too far out of the way for this trip.)

Also, please some comments on these choices (I gleaned from the Chow Board, MenuPages, and friends who do not live in NYC). Thank you all so much!

Duke’s Café
Georgio’s Country Grill

Gray’s Papaya
Need two more

John’s Pizza
Szechwan Gourmet

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  1. Bring Mom and Teen to the Seaport. Eat at Nelson Blue, Cabana, or Salud.

    If you can't go to Katz, then Midtown is much farther uptown than that my friend. If around the 30's go to 2nd Ave Deli or Sarg's for a good pastrami sandwich.

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    1. re: kissy28c

      Thanks for your response.

      We are staying in Midtown. On this particular day we are going to take the water taxi early before sunrise and walk the Brooklyn Bridge back over to Manhattan. He wants a quick look at the Woolworth Building, Financial District, Ground Zero and then some shopping at Century 21. We are going to walk down to Battery Park and then take the Staten Island Ferry back and forth. We want to get something in Battery Park or thereabouts to either eat in the park (on a bench or whatever) or the the Ferry ride. This is a pretty full day and then on to dinner, theatre, etc. So thanks for the Seaport suggestions but are they close enough to manage his itinerary?

      Also, I know where Katz's and Midtown is. We just have limited time and he wants to see so much, I haven't been able to figure out out to fit it in.

      1. re: thewholepackage

        Maybe try some of the Financial District places listed here:

        Most are casual/take-out eateries.

      2. re: kissy28c

        Thanks for the response. We are staying in Midtown. My son has a major list of 'to do/see/eat/shop and I am trying to fit as much in as possible. On this particular day, we are catching the 6:40am water taxi over the Fulton Landing and then walking the Brooklyn Bridge over to Manahttan for the sunrise. He then wants a quick glimpse of City Hall, the Woolworth Building, Financial Distict, Ground Zero, and then lots of shopping at Century 21. After shopping we are going to Battery Park and over to ride the Staten Island Ferry back and forth. We want to eat either in the Park or on the Ferry ride. I don't know how far the Seaport is from there.....

        Pastrami in Kansas City is not even close to NYC and I miss the real deal. With this schedule I have not figured out how to get to Katz logistically and am hoping for something closer to our hotel so I can just go out and get it for me! I would really llike my son to have a real pastrami sandwich as well.

        Thanks again.

        1. re: thewholepackage

          From the ferry terminal to South St Seaport is about 1/2 mi walk.

      3. Certe is my favorite breakfast and informal lunch place in midtown. You list it for breakfast but you might also consider getting your lunch to go there for you Battery Park or ferry picnic. I'm sure you can get great sandiwiches there (not necessarily pastrami but there are lots of good choices). Alterntively, the Seapot is quite close to your downtown itinerary (Manhattan gets very narrow at the southern tip). From Century 21, you could go east on Fulton St. and in less than 10 minutes be at the Seaport. Have a quick lunch at Cabana at 89 South St. (great Cubano sandwiches, entrees, and salads), then walk farther south along the East River (10 minutes max) to the Staten Island ferry terminal.

        P.S. Logistics may not allow but Papaya Kind on 86th St.@Third far superior to Gray's.

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        1. re: City Kid

          I highly recommend Keens. It's a great NY institution and more laid back than other steak houses. I've really enjoyed their "mutton" chop (really saddle of lamb), the porterhouse and the prime rib. Also, not too far from Century 21 is a take out/eat in spot called the Amish Market. It is located at 53 Park Row. Good salads, hot food bar, sandwiches, etc. Whole Foods just opened at 270 Greenwich Street. Great if you want to eat outdoors in Battery Park City.

          IMHO, I would skip John's and Gray's. But that's just me.

        2. Thank you for all the great suggetions. (Computer 'died' this week and I was unable to respond to posts in a timely manner - sorry.) From further research on the board and comments, this is what we are doing now. I want to mention how much I love this website, it has ehanced the trip planning (especially for all of the bloggers I took so much from: kathyrn, city kid, rgr).

          Breakfast: Certe, Amy's Bread, Duke's Cafe, and Sarabeth's
          Lunch: Financier, Shorty's, Carnegie Deli, sunday is open for now
          Dinner: John's Pizza, Keen's, John's Pizza, Szechwan Gourmet, and Ellen's (for the birthday kid).