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Aug 29, 2008 08:03 PM

Black Hog Barbeque in Frederick

I noticed that the Black Hog Barbeque thread was removed because of some sort of disagreement or dispute with posters. I would like to start a new topic on this restaurant because I think the place is just terrific, and should be brought to the attention of chowhounders. The ribs are fall-off-the-bone delicious and I think the sides, such as the greens are wonderful as well. Has anyone else tried this place, and if so, what do you think?

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  1. We stopped there last Saturday after spending the day on the Potomac- seemed like BBQ would really hit the spot. Unfortunately, they were out of nearly everything- at 5:15. We would have had to wait until 6 to get any of the pork options. They also had ran out of cornbread. We went for the brisket, which was very tender, I'll give them that. The beans and rice side was horrible and the service wasn't that great either. Don't get me wrong- I love BBQ and realize that smoking meat takes time and that sometimes the service issues just add to the charm, but at 5:15 on a Saturday to be out of so many options? And it wasn't nearly busy enough to wait that long for our check. Eh. Just not impressed. But, the brisket was tender, sauce was ok. Skip the beans.

      1. Ate there last night and was less then impressed. Brisket was fatty and barely smoked, much less than what one would want in a "Texas style Brisket." Chicken was good very moist and the BBQ sauce was good. The Smoked beef sausage was apparently good, I dunno I won't eat it but my husband said it was. The pork shoulder and carolina pork were just okay. Skip the cole slaw it's flavorless, but the potato salad was similar to what I grew up on so it was okay but still semi bland. I don't think we'll be going back, but the place has so much potential it's just not there yet. All in all I find it odd that a BBQ place doesn't smell like BBQ or like a smoker, even outside.

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          Well, just got home from trying out the new BBQ joint in town. What a let down, small, very small portions. Served in a paper french fry boat type tray. The sides were served in McDonalds style plastic ketchup containers, again SMALL! The food did taste good but very small portions. I enjoy a good beer with my BBQ, I like Guiness but, not looking at the price first $6.00 per beer? Come on!
          You have a nice atmosphere, layed out really nice, the food was good but give better portions and on real plates with real silverware. Oh, also, coming from the south, if your going to have greens you must have apple cider vinegar not malt vinegar.
          Join up with big nate, the blue truck by the Yamaha shop on 355 and grove road. He knows how to do it right just does not know the business side as you. Oh about the smoking of the meat, I bet Frederick City would shut you down if you fired up a large smoker. I bet they smoke it off site then bring the food into town.

        2. This place has great bbq. The dry ribs are excellent and the sweet tea is also good.

          Only down fall of this not go with children that need high chairs. Doesn't make sense to me on why you would only carry one high chair at a restaurant. Addressed this issue with the staff and still no high chairs. So if you go with little ones have fun eating awesome bbq with your child on your lap.

          1. Well, it's good, but not great. The best thing I had was the brisket, which was tender, flavorful and moist. The ribs were okay, but no better. The batch I had (wet) was on the dry side. The portions were also on the small side. Sauces were good and so were the sides. We had very good service. It's on par with Chubby's, up the road in Emmitsburg. Sure do miss the Mountaindale Store for brisket, and I do love Blues BBQ (the blue truck) on Grove Road. But Blues BBQ isn't open for dinner and it's not a real restaurant anyway. I hear they are openning something at McCutcheons when they expand. For ribs, try Urban in Rockville. They are great. But don't get any sides there, and don't expect any service there either.

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              Please keep us posted on McCutcheon's