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Aug 29, 2008 07:44 PM

80th birthday in hamilton

I am looking for a restaurant to celebrate an 80th birthday with 8 adults. The atmosphere would need to be festive/special but the service should be on the informal side. Some of the attendees are generally meat & potatoes types and are not adventurous about trying new food... so for example Japanese would not go over well at all.

Any suggestions?

Budget would be about $35 per person excluding drinks.

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  1. How about Sotiris - they had various meat platters that included potatoes, rice, garlic bread, and Greek salad for about $17-$20 per person. Call ahead though, the website says that they will be relocating soon to Harvester Road.

    Or maybe The Black Forest on King St. - lots of meat & potatoes dishes at pretty reasonable prices.

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      Thanks for the ideas. I will check out Sotiris. We have been to the black forest several times. Great food... but I think I want something a little different for this event.