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Aug 29, 2008 07:08 PM

Panino from Santa Ynez finally in Woodland Hills!!!

I was driving along Topanga Canyon when I noticed a storefront sign for Panino's. It's on the east side of the street, south of Ventura. I couldn't tell if it was yet opened, so I looked on their website. It has, indeed, opened.

For those of you who are not familiar with this place, they have a few sandwich shops up north--Santa Barbara, Los Olivos, Solvang, etc. I've been to their Los Olivos and Solvang shops. Both visits were great--one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. I only hope that the one out here has the same quality.

Has anyone been to the Woodland Hills location yet?

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  1. We got a couple of great sandwiches from the Solvang shop back in April...perfect for picnicking at a winery. If they're serving up the same stuff down here, then folks are in for a treat. Is the WH location in the same shopping plaza as Cricca's deli? I hope there's enough business for both.

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      Have not been there but the exact location is corner of Topanga Cyn and Dumetz where a Starbucks is also being completed.

    2. I went a while back and did a writeup with some pictures. It's actually the place I prefer to go to in Solvang for an easy lunch. The sandwiches are great!

      1. After reading this, we headed over to get a couple sandwiches. First of all, the location and signage (tiny!!) are HORRIBLE. If someone hadn't mentioned the Starbucks, we would have had a really hard time finding it. Secondly, the hours are awful. They close at 5:00 most nights (Sunday at 3:00). Between the location and the hours, they have an uphill battle to fight. We were the only people there at 4:30 in the afternoon. I wonder how any of the stores in that shopping center are surviving. I hope there is enough lunch business in that (residential?) area to keep them afloat.
        Having said that, the sandwiches were great. I had a salami with goat cheese and sundried tomato and my DH had roast beef with horseradish cheddar. They were both delicious.
        I think once people find them, they'll go back (we will), but getting them in the door that very first time is going to be a real challange.

        1. Well, I finally made it down there for lunch today. I am happy to report it seems to have the same menu and uses the same fresh ingredients as the Santa Ynez locations. It's a perfect place to stock up for a picnic on the way to the beach.

          They offer 30 different sandwiches, including 9 or 10 vegetarian options, and about 10 different salads. Ingredients used in their sandwiches include prosciutto, roast chicken, tuna salad, curried chicken, fresh mozzarella, feta, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, roasted red peppers, tapenade, artichoke hearts, and on and on.

          I had the #9 (roast turkey w/brie) but asked for genoa salami instead of turkey. It included thinly-sliced cucumber, green bell pepper, lettuce, tomato, and a nice honey mustard. Everything was fresh and the proportions of the ingredients were perfect. I had it on a baguette, and next time I'll try the foccacia. I also had their freshly-baked chocolate chip with walnut cookie, which was delicious; not overly sweet.

          As others have said, it's not easy to find. It's in the Topanga Willows shopping center on the north-east corner of Topanga Canyon and Dumetz, south of Ventura. There's parking in the back. You can call ahead to place your order.

          1. The Woodland Hills location has recently closed. There is no info on the Panino website as to the reason. I heard there was a legal dispute because the owner of the Topanga Willows complex rented to two tenants with Italian themed eateries. If this is the case, I don't see what the problem was. They were very different businesses. The place next door to Panino is an Italian market that sells a few panino sandwiches--not very good ones, in my humble opinion. Oddly, Panino didn't sell panino sandwiches!! What a shame. It was a great sandwich place--very fresh and interesting ingredients. I hope it moves somewhere else in the area.

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            1. re: MirandazFood

              Shoot! That IS bad news, especially with picnic season coming up! I actually thought the location was SO off the beaten path that it was doomed, but every time I was in, they were busy.
              Hopefully, they'll get a new and better location SOON!

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                Pending Panino's re-opening, Cricca's (Topanga Cyn. just south of Dumetz, on the east side of the street) has very good hero/sub/grinder sandwiches for your picnic pleasure.

                1. re: ozhead

                  They are quite good, especially the Godfather (think Bay Cities' Godmother) but not, IMO, as good as the sandwiches at Cavaretti's on Sherman Way just west of Topanga.

                  1. re: TomSwift

                    Yes, Cavaretti's is excellent too. I don't think you can go wrong either way.

                  2. re: ozhead

                    I was sad to hear they closed after only discovering this particular location. I normally try to pay a visit to their Solvang outpost whenever I'm visiting for an Aebleskiver.

                    I had done a review way back then:

                    I thought I could finally get my "Panino" fix without going all that way! Hopefully they'll reopen, but until then I'd recommend giving "Blue Table" in Calabasas near "The Commons" a whirl. It's another gourmet sandwich shop with wonderful deli case salads and a nice walk in cheese closet/meat locker.


                    Blue Table
                    4774 Park Granada, Calabasas, CA 91302