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Aug 29, 2008 06:43 PM

Fish Markets and Farmer's Markets in Kauai

Greetings, Hounds!

Well, in about 10 days I'm off on my first trip to Kauai, and I've been researching the boards. I've found a lot of great recommendations for bars and restaurants, and I'll be sure to report back on any place we try.

We're planning on playing lots of golf and hiking, and we hope to be pleasantly exhausted by the end of the day. Therefore, instead of going out to dinner most evenings, we'd like to do a lot of our own cooking. I was hoping to take advantage of the fresh seafood that I hope is available, and I was hoping that some of you veterans could point me towards one or two good Fish markets and/or Farmer's markets. We'll be staying in the South (the Point at Poipu). Any advice would be much appreciated!


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  1. The sunshine market takes place in Koloa on Monday at around noon. Get there on time and be prepared for a zoo of people! If you cannot make it, I believe the Kalaheo one is on Tues or Wed and the Lihue ones are on on Mon and Fri at 3. I like the Fri Lihue one the best. In Koloa you can get fish at Koloa Fish Market, right across from the post office. In all honesty, I only go there for poke and cannot remember how their selection of fish is. There are a few island-caught fish options at Big Save, right next door. However, the majority of the fish there (and almost everywhere else) is caught elsewhere. You can also try Fish Express in Lihue, across from Walmart/Wilcox Hospital. Generally, the best place to get locally-caught, fresh fish is to stop on the side of the road if you see someone selling it out of their truck. Usually someone is selling something near Gaylord's, across from Costco, or near Hanamaulu, on the mauka side of the road.

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      Thanks for the information, Mag! I may get in too late in the day Monday to try the sunshine market, but I'll let you know which ones we make it to and how they are. I have to admit, it didn't occur to me that most of the fish wouldn't be local. I will try to support the roadside sellers, if possible.

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        Koloa fish market usually has several varieties of locally caught fish,very fresh and fairly reasonable, plus the great poke and plate lunches. On Poipu Rd (520)in a shopping center with a submarine out front
        is Kukuiula Storeā€Ž which sometimes has very good quality steaks, etc. despite its small selection of the basics. I would also recommend the fruit stand on the same road opposite side , fronting the golf course for locally grown fruit (pineapples!) and vegetables, in addition to the sunshine markets.