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Aug 29, 2008 05:52 PM

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites West Madison, WI

I'll be staying here next week and am trying to figure out someplace to eat within walking distance for both lunch and dinner. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have no food preferences, as a good chowhound, I'll eat any kind of cuisine!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Walking distance is kind of're staying in a very car-centric, next to the highway kind of hotel. That said, the two closest places that I would recommend are Swagat for Indian and Eno Vino for wine and small plates.

      Swagat Indian Restaurant
      707 N High Point Rd, Madison, WI 53717

      Eno Vino Wine Bar & Bistro
      601 Junction Road, Madison, WI 53717

      1. Yeah, you're in a no-man's land for "walking distance." But if you're in good health, you could potentially walk to Asia Express on Old Sauk (not a whole lot farther than Eno Vino) or a number of chain spots on Old Sauk or in Greenway Station (an outdoor shopping center)--Chipotle, Chin's Asia Fresh, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Claddagh, among others.

        Asia Express
        721 N High Point Rd, Madison, WI 53717

        Greenway Station
        1620 Deming Way, Middleton, WI

        Chin's Asia Fresh
        8414 Old Sauk Rd, Middleton, WI 53562

        1. Yup- No man's land is right.
          But I think you are almost as far in the other direction to some spots in downtown Middleton like Vin Santo (tasty Italian, mostly Northern/Tuscan with good wine list), Hubbard Street Diner (ecclectic diner, good for breakfast), Louisianne's (pretty good New Orleans style), and Roman Candle (some of the best pizza this side of the Delaware River). For dessert, try Villa Dolce for gelatto (they also have some great desserts and interesting pizzas). You can always take a cab and the HI may even shuttle you to downtown Middleton. All of these are great locally owned establishments.

          Eno Vino may be closer, offers great small plates, and an extensive wine list.