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Aug 29, 2008 05:45 PM

Where to have dinner in Rockport?

Mrbuffer and I are headed to Rockport next Thursday staying at Seven South Street Inn. Where's a good place for dinner Thursday night and then lunch on Cape Ann on Friday? Breakfast is covered at the Inn.

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  1. Dinner within walking distance with incredible atmosphere( literally on the water) and generally good food albeit some think pricey is My Place by the Sea on Bearskin Neck. If you aren't into the atmosphere and looking purely for Chowishness I recommend Franklin Cafe or Duckworth Bistro in neighboring Gloucester.

    My Place By the Sea
    68 Bearskin Nck, Rockport, MA 01966

    Franklin Cafe Cape Ann
    118 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930

    Duckworth's Bistro
    197 E Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930

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    1. re: capeanne

      I enjoyed a really nice lunch at My Place By The Sea. The food was excellent and better than I expected. I was spending a leisurely day in Rockport when I stumbled upon this place. The view is quite nice. The service was good but could have been a bit warmer. Sometimes young people working in restaurants can give off an arrogant attitude when they are serving good food and I felt that a bit but the food made up for that.

      1. re: macadamianut

        The place has had its highs and lows from service issues to the temperment of the owner..and be sure to ASK the price of the specials . I am still thinking about my lobster and spaghetti from 2 seasons ago at $45.00

      2. re: capeanne

        Definitely into waterfront atmosphere. Chris and I just need to get away from the building for a couple days. What do you know about Seven South St. Inn - the reviews I read on TripAdvisor say that their breakfasts are incredibly chowish.

        1. re: mrsbuffer

          Dont' know re Inn or breakfast...we have house here. and re the quality at My Place I agree it can be hit or miss but guests we have had up this summer have eaten there this season and were pleased ..

      3. I recommend the Franklin for dinner and Lobster Pool for lunch. The only meal I've had at My Place by the Sea was really terrible.

        1. In Rockport you may want to try Emerson Inn, very nice also My Place has always been good, for more casual lunch, Lobster Pool has a nice view and for breakfast Flaves.