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Aug 29, 2008 05:26 PM

What's good at the Orange Street Fair?

Checking it out at the Orange Circle for the first time this year. Any tried and true vendors I should definitely try?

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  1. I live 5 blocks away - I don't recommend it at night - I guess you could get a good sausage for lunch - the quality has gone down as the crowds have increased. Maybe others are more enthusiastic.

    1. I just got back. What a pain in the ass.

      Still, there's aebleskiver which aren't bad (Denmark tent) but I think the winner so far is the galaktoboureko from the Greek pastry tent -- deeeeeeeeeelicious.

      1. I enjoyed the Elks Fish and Chips - large pieces of fish with the thick fries. Gotta add the malt vinegar with the spray bottle.

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          I went tonight and tried the Elks fish and chips, bratwurst from the German area, Australian potatoes, and the corn (I couldn't resist even though the OC fair was a month ago). Everything was just ok, but I agree - fish and chips were yummy. It was dinner time so waited about 5-10 min, but that meant I had piping hot fish. Definitely the highlight of my evening. Now if it wasn't so darn crowded.....