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Aug 29, 2008 03:24 PM

Sushi restaurants north of Boston???

Any good sushi restaurants north of Boston like Revere, Malden, Medford area??


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  1. Sushi Island, Wakefield has gotten a lot of press on this board.

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    1. Sushi Island is the best in the area no question, but if you don't want to go quite so far:

      Sushi Corner in Melrose is reliable, consistent, and reasonably priced. Great for takeout!

      All Season's Table in Malden is a fun, swankier place to try. Their sushi is good, very nicely presented, and they also have a good range of other styles of asian cuisine if you want to mix it up. I really like to order a selection of apps to build a sort of asian tapas meal there along with some sushi. Their menu is online: http://www.allseasonstablerestaurant....

      1. Sushi Island is just the best. if you do a CH search you will find many is a current thread about it: