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Aug 29, 2008 02:56 PM

2 BBQ Joints in KC-What to get?

My buddy and I are going to KC for some BBQ next month. From reading the boards I take that LC's BBQ and Arthur Bryants are my best bet so thats where we are going. Any suggestions on what to get at both of those places? We want to get alot of food and split everything basically so let me know what we should get at

Arthur Bryants

We are also going to a Royals game and are going to eat at the Gates inside there. What is your favorite sandwich to get? Beef, Pork, Turkey etc? Thanks

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  1. LC's burnt ends are a must!!!!! They are the ones that I judge everybody elses by. Any sliced meats from LC's is great I like the pork better, and you can not leave without having some beans. It is the only place I really go for bbq. I do though like the pulled pork at Oklahoma Joe's.

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      2nd on the LC's Burnt Ends. BBQ Nirvana. If I remember correctly, KC Jane ( my old KC Food Guru) always liked LC's ribs. I've never been able to get away from the Burnt Ends.
      Last time down i just stopped in on the way home, bought 2 lbs, told the nice woman behind the counter to wrap them well, as I was just bringing them back to Des Moines in a cooler. She gave me a bowl to put some in for the trip, knowing there was no way I would make it. I got home with about a pound and a half.

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        Don't forget the fries (crispy) at LC's. They still fry them in lard. Oh yeah!

      2. I have only been to Arthur Bryants once. Don't know what I expected, but this wasn't it. Didn't care for the food at all. Oklahoma Joe's..on the other hand...I love it! Ribs and pulled pork are really good.

        1. If your going to the Royals game I would suggest stopping at the Gates location on 40 Hwy as it is very close to the stadiums and will be much cheaper and better then the Gates booth at the game. Just get the BBQ to go and sneak it in. I have not been to LC's in a while, there big claim to fame was really good fries but I found do to demand they were cooking to many at once and the quality was suffering. Bryants on Brooklyn is a good joint, the beef sandwich is huge. If you can drive down to Martin City in south KC try that is very good,

          1. I'm a broken record on this one. Split the beef sandwich at AB. Sauce it at the table. Will not disappoint.

            1. Burnt end sandwich at Arthur Bryant's. It is smoky and crispy, without any sweet. Brynat's is pretty much where it started in KC.