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Aug 29, 2008 02:44 PM

Boneless Beef Finger Meat?

The last few weeks I've been seeing people snap up these vacuum packed boneless rib finger meat at Loblaws..... so I bought some too.
It looks a bit fatty - does anyone know how I should cook it? Just like ribs or is some kind of crock pot adventure in order?

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  1. I've seen those before. Probably the best use would be to grind and make some nice burgers. Or braise.

    1. I bought these thinking I would try to crock-pot them - but it turned into a really greasy mess.

      I've tried to find recipes for them, but haven't found much worth trying.

      Grinding them is a great idea - they would make great burgers. Slow roasting them with a drip pan underneath (so they don't roast in the grease) would be a good option as well.

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        I don't see them in local markets but, from what I've read, they're made upo of meat from the underside of the strip sirloin. That should make them eligible for threading onto a skewer and roasting on the BBQ grill. How greasy are these "cuts" and can't some of the fat be removed before putting the heat to it?

        1. re: todao

          Update to this post - I ground the meat in my cuisinart - not too much so it didn't get mushy and it made the BEST burgers! Yes a little fat but super juicy and meaty tasting - am buying some more this week....

        2. re: rjp123

          if you crockpot, it has to be a two-step process -- cook in the crockpot, then refrigerate to get the fat to rise and remove easily, and go from there to final prep.

        3. Yes, cook them as you would ribs. Boil them for 20 - 30 minutes and then we barbecue them. Very tasty and the fat cooks off. The water from boiling makes a very nice soup base too.

          1. They're basically the same as short ribs, right? I asked the butcher at my local Loblaws, that's what he said. Sear, then braise.

            1. Brown them using Montreal Steak spice. Put them in a slow cooker/crockpot. Add a can of Guiness beer, a splash of BBQ sauce & lots of thinly sliced onions.
              After it's cooked, cool & put in fridge overnight.
              Next day remove the thick layer of fat from the surface & then reheat.
              (This recipe is also good with beef short ribs)