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Aug 29, 2008 02:35 PM

Pittsburgh - South Side

The wife and I will be in my home town Pittsburgh on a Friday night this October. Looking for a nice Italian place either on Carson Street on the South Side or perhaps elsewhere in the South Hills. Please give me your recommendations. THANK YOU!

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    1. Alla Famiglia in Allentown (less than 5 minutes from Carson St.) is my favorite Italian place in the city.

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      1. re: hassenpfeffer

        I'd agree with Alla Famiglia, yes it's expensive, but not in the you leave feeling ripped off sort of way. You certainly get what you pay for, expect at least $50pp if you order from the daily specials.

        1. re: Rick

          I would add that the modest uptick in price at Alla Famiglia is reflected not only in portion size, but in the quality of food, presentation and service as well. And their recently added wine list is leaps and bounds beyond the rather uninspired list on offer at Dish.

      2. I'd second Dish (Carson St.) which skews Sicilian/So. Italian with excellent seafood. I've not yet been to Alla Famiglia, however other CHers have reported sticker shock upon getting the tab, although the food has been well reviewed and their reputation is for serving enormous portions. Third option would be Davio's in Beechview, right off the T.

          1. None of these places are mind blowing, but are solid options - also not strictly Italian, but have some Italian influence....1) 17th Street Cafe (17th) 2) Cafe Allegro (12th) 3) Cafe Du Jour (11th)...Cafe du Jour is BYO and there is a state store near the giant eagle (21st-ish). I have not yet been to Dish. I would avoid Folino's and Paparazzi, both right on Carson - too inconsistent.