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Aug 29, 2008 01:59 PM

Sushi Metsuyan Lunch Special?

Sushi Metsuyan used to have good lunch combination specials. They recently raised their prices on their entire menu (lunch as well). This is understandable considering the increase in food prices. What I don't understand is why Sushi Metsuyan has also changed their lunch special to no longer include their better soups (beef udon or curry soup with dumplings) in this special. Miso soup has replaced the other better Sushi quality soups in their lunch special.

Look at their menu to see this:

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  1. Too bad about the lunch special. their soup and salad for $8 was great. I understand that price of food has gone up, so they should charge a little more for the lunch specials. But, not to offer that combo at all... what a shame. I am not interested in Miso soup or their soup of the day. also, I see with the new lunch "special," one gets some type of sushi for free. I do not like sushi. And, I am sure that they will not make a substitution. They NEVER do. Even when they ran out of numerous items after or before a holiday, they would not make any substitutions. I eat there bec. the food is very good and unique...But, I try to allow lots of time bec. they are so SLOW, even when it is empty.Also, the price of their wraps are ridiculous.