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Aug 29, 2008 01:25 PM

Vegetarian Paradise Style Chinese in Flushing?


We'll be in Queens for the US Open this weekend and are looking for a Chinese restaurant similar to Vegetarian Paradise in Manhattan. VP cooks all vegetarian "mock meat" in a style originally created for fasting emperors. We like the appeal to meat and veggie lovers and have always appreciated the creative style.

Can anyone provide tips on where this style might be found in the vicinity of the US Open?


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  1. The two I know of are: Buddha Boddai on Main St and Happy Garden on 37th Ave.Both are good with a multitude of mock dishes. Buddha Boddai when I last visited was run by a pushy lady who was making recommendations of all sorts. There are a few parking spaces directly in front of the restaurant. Happy Garden, I'm not 100% positve that this is the name is on 37th Ave between Main and Prince and used to have a few parking spaces down the alleyway in the rear of the restaurant.

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      i *adore* buddha bodai! they serve a lot of dim sum/small plates very reminiscent of VP: my fave is the watercress dumplings, which are sort of deconstructed, thin dough over delicious greens....

    2. Happy Buddha is the best (that's the one budcar is referencing on 37th Avenue); much better in quality, menu choice and service than Buddha Bodai.