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Aug 29, 2008 12:55 PM

Good mexican and persian restaurants in Baltimore County

Just to share...Mari Luna on Reisterstown Rd in Pikesville, and Orchard Market & Cafe in Towson. Had 2 great meals there and will definitely go back. Having lived in DC for may years, it's hard to find good ethnic restaurants in the B'more area but these 2 have definitely renewed my hopes.

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  1. House of Kabob on Harford Road in Parkville (some days they have buffets) or you can order off the menu.

    Fiesta Mexicana on Rt 7 in Roseville (it's totally Mom and Pop

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      I had the lunch buffet today at the House of Kabob, and thought it was delicious. It included grilled chicken and meat, an excellent dish consisting of beef and a green, leafy vegetable, a couple of oothere nice chicken and meat/vegetable stews, several types of rice pilaf, a delicious soup (Aash), both Caesar and Middle-Eastern type of salads, a cucumer and yogurt dish, fruit and cake for dessert. IMO it is one of the best lunch buffets available in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

    2. El Salto for mexican on Joppa Rd in North Plaza shopping center. Ridiculous portions and really good food.

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        2nd-- el salto is amazing. we drive there from midtown like twice a month...

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          I like El Salto's Tacos de Carne Asada, but it kinda stops there. Fiesta Mexicana is in a different league altogether, best Mexican I have had on this coast since moving here in 1991. It's street food, done perfectly in an unassuming Rosedale setting. Run, don't walk.

      2. I have great memories of Orchard Market. It's unique, even among the few Persian restaurants I've tried here in DC. (I moved from Baltimore seven years ago.) I would like to go back, but if I do the drive from DC, I want to be sure I can get a table. It was always quite popular. Do they now take reservations, by any chance? And can we still bring our own wine?

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          Reservations onlyfor large parties but if you called and explained your situation they might help you out. Still can bring your own wine. Still wonderful,

        2. If you liked Mari Luna before....get ready for the NEW Mari Luna LATIN Grill opening very soon, right up the street from the current Mari LUna ( which will stay open). THe new menu is much more eclectic and creative, Should be very different for Baltimore