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What's that flavor in a Chunky bar?

It almosts tastes a bit like rum? The ingredients say natural & artificial flavors. Every once in awhile I crave one of these bars.

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  1. I haven't had one in a long time but I think it's raisins...or some kind of raisin mulch. Sort of reminds me of the taste of A-1 steak sauce.

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      I had one yesterday. Yep it's raisins alright, I dug through the garbage for the wrapper.

    2. Um, wax???

      My grandmother also gave us these(and those pink Canada mints- your'd need one for your breath post-Chunky). I agreed with ML- there is some cooked fruit thing, brandy-ish at times, but the texture is what gets me...All those chunks, with the most un-chocolatey base, no 'SNAP", just mushy brownness...

      1. I used to love those, I don't know why. They had peanuts and raisins in them. The peanuts still had the skins on, and the raisins did taste brandyish.

        1. It is definitely raisins.

          1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nestl%C3...

            My mom has a major jones for Chunky candy bars. She keeps me in the refrigerator drawer for those late night snack cravings. She says the flavor is the use of Brazilan nuts and soaked raisins. But, she was on a chunky high at the time of my question so I can't confirm this :)

            1. I'm surprised this is a question. It is raisins, and not marinated/soaked in anything. What kind of raisins do you eat?

              1. taking one for the team, I grabbed an individual wrapped Chunky bar at the stand while buying the newspaper. Just nibbled it down with a glass of cold milk. I tasted chocolate, nuts, raisins in that order. The lingering fragrance for me was raisin.

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                  LOL! What courage. What self-sacrifice. LOL again! I used to like these occasionally, but I did find it a bit too redolent of raisins.

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                    yes, hillj is that kind of person! thank you!

                    i didn't realize they still made chunky.

                    i got a candy bar once (uk?) that was a dark chocolate bar with rum-soaked raisins. i think the wrapper had golden sunset colors and an etching of a pirate, and it was sold at the drug store. cadbury's "old jamaica" rum and raisin? http://www.ciao.co.uk/Cadbury_Old_Jam... -- different wrapper on it, if this is the same candy bar.
                    boy, it was good.

                    in college, i also used to thrive on hagen-daaz rum raisin ice cream. i thought it was so pricey, but it was worth it.