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Aug 29, 2008 11:54 AM

All inclusive Resorts with great food?

Are there any hotels or hotel companies that take food seriously in tropical climates?

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  1. Too many to list...but please know, I am a travel agent who does not favour all inclusives. You lose the opportunity to experience local food and culture. Having said that here are some places I have enjoyed the meal plan:

    Galley Bay - Antigua
    Carlisle Bay - Antigua
    Blue Waters- Antigua
    Palm Island - The Grenadines
    Cotton House - Mustique
    Young Island - St. Vincent
    The Reefs - Bermuda (not the Caribbean but)
    Galley Bay - Antigua (food is spotty at times superb all around property)
    Blue Horizons and Spice I think it's called in Grenada

    Sandals YUCK YUCK YUCK

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      i am really happy you posted this, because i am planning a relaxing, lazy, tropical beach get-away and was weighing the inclusive vs. non options.
      part of me likes the idea of not having to deal with anything (travel, cabs, etc. etc.)
      but the other part of me knows all-inclusive is usually not-all-that-great.

    2. Check out El Dorado Royale Resort and Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We went there for our honeymoon and loved it. They have 7 restaurants, and we tried (and loved) all of them except the Italian restaurant.

      1. We stayed at Goldeneye in Jamaica and the food was great. There isnt a menu per se but they have some locals in the kitchen cooking up delicious selections that you wont get at any other resort restaurant in Jamaica. Lots of local flavor and spice. Soups, stews, rice. Delicious. We loved the entire Goldeneye experience.

        1. I hear the food is unsurpassed on Necker Island in the BVI. To go as a couple, you have to reserve for a "Celebration Week" when the whole island isn't being rented by an individual/corporation or being used by the owner, Sir Richard Branson. Everything is included and the rates are about $25K per week per couple.

          1. "The Point" at Sonesta Maho in St. Maarten is getting good reviews. All-inclusive guests can also use their dining vouchers at other restaurants in the neighborhood, including Paris Bistro, Le Charolais and Sopranos.

            If you enjoy "really great" food I doubt that all-inclusive would be a suitable choice in St. Maarten / St. Martin, simply because of the island's huge variety of dining options.

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              I stayed at the Maho in 2002,2003,2004. I hated all the restaurants in the hotel. I can't speak for the other restaurants associated with it though. The buffet breakfast was horrendous. I recently stayed at the Oasis Hamaca in the Dominican Republic (5 nights including airfare, gratuities, airport taxes and fees, EVERYTHING, for $590) and I thought the food was excellent.