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Aug 29, 2008 11:32 AM

Visiting Philly from NYC-- 2 girls in 20s

Hi! I am planning to visit philly this weekend with my friend (we are both in our mid-twenties) for the first time. We're looking for some recommendations for fun/trendy restaurants. Mid-priced (entrees around $15-$20?), and anything american/italian would be best as my friend is not too adventurous. We're staying in the University City area. Any help would would be much appreciated!

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  1. Is Mexican OK? There's a brand new restaurant in University City called Distrito that is definitely fun and trendy, and the food is great. It's towards the upper end of your price range but all the plates are small, so you can taste a wide variety of things.

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      Continental Midtown. Fun martini bar with upscale appetizers/tapas.

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        Osteria, on N. Broad Street, for great vibe, designer pizza, varied menu of authentic Italian small dishes. Reasonable taxi ride I guess.

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          I would say Osteria is out of the price range as well unless they barely ate.

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        Ate at Distrito lat night. Definitely outside the price range.
        Good, but the plates are pretty small. You can get out of there full for less than you would at Amada, but we still spent $95 for 2, including 2 desserts but just one drink.

      3. Too bad about the non-adventurous friend because there are some great ethnic restaurants in university city and they tend to be reasonably priced. You may want to check out Dock Street Brewery and the Marathon Grill. I think you and your friend would also enjoy the White Dog Cafe but it is more like $25 and up.

        1. I'm a girl in my 20's, and my top recommendation would be Alma de Cuba. It's in Center City, but you'd want to go there for the bar scene anyway. Cute, good food, great drinks. Any Stephen Starr restaurant is a good bet (although can be pricey at times). For more mainstream food, you could try 20 Manning.

          1. thanks for all of your suggestions! we ended up going to parc, and to la viola, and then to continental for drinks. we had a really great trip.

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              Just curious how was your experience at Parc. People have said it is very noisy. What did you order?